30 July 2011

Great-grandma Bree

Our Miska-Brick puppies visited their maternal great grandmother, Bree (CH Gardenway Celtic Breeze) who will be turning 14 on August 27!  A very happy birthday to you Bree!!!

They were more thrilled to see her than she was to see them but Bree cooperated for a photo with 3 of the pups.  The last time I visited Bree at the cottage was when I took her other great-grandpup, Diva, born 2008 to see her and I took a picture of them together.

Bree, almost 14 years old in her favourite chair

Bree with 3 of her great-grandkids


  1. You've got some very good longevity behind your puppies. May they all live to the ripe old age of 14 & 15!

  2. Bree looks just like our Rita.
    This post made us smile:)!!!