26 July 2011

BIG big day #2!

Yesterday was vaccination day and also puppy socialization day! All the VIP's were called in by my vet to assist, hold, cuddle and plays with the puppies while each was examined and vaccinated. Big thanks to Dr. Wimmers of Limestone Valley Animal Hospital, his receptionist Emma who had her hands full with puppies and managing the telephone, and his 3 beautiful daughters who were all thoroughly delighted to be a part of making the puppies' experience a very positive one.  I am thrilled to report that all the puppies checked out A-OK in terms of their health and handled their first needle well.  The 'crown jewels' on all the boys have appeared so there are no worries in that department. Puppies also received Sentinel Heartworm medication since we live in a hot spot for this parasite and they all checked out negative for parasites.  A clean bill of health! Woo-hoo!

Along with this important visit, they had a very short visit to our conservation area and were introduced to dog crates, 2 puppies per crate during their daytime naps. And on the weekend, they saw an agility tunnel and got to run through it.

Organized chaos in the vet clinic; Miska (mom) gets her once-over from the vet

Miss Yellow waiting her turn for a needle

Now it's Yellow's turn

Mr Black calmly being examined

Emma and Dr, Wimmers' daughters

Emma has her hands very full!

Trying to sneak a drink from the milk bar.

Mr Green is tuckered out

Mr Black's turn to fall asleep

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  1. Oh my dawg, I just love that picture of Miss Yellow. She really tugs on my heart strings. I want them all!