29 June 2012

Lola turns 10!

Today I visited Lola (Best Puppy in Group CH Varazs Vidam Lolamae) born June 13, 2002.  It's been several years since I last saw her even thought she doesn't live very far away - I can't believe how time flies.  Lola celebrated her 10th birthday this month.  She is as pretty and as sweet as ever - one of the nicest and prettiest Vizsla puppies we've every produced.  Lola has her mother Tasha's eyes and head.  Happy Birthday Lola!!

28 June 2012

VSO Specialty Show & Sweepstakes

Four of my dogs did very well at the 2012 Vizsla Society of Ontario's Specialty Show and Sweepstakes.  First to the Puppy Sweepstakes.  Elsie, a female puppy from Miska's last litter born May 31, 2011, was entered in the 12-18 month old Female Puppy Sweepstakes.  She won her class and then was selected as Best of Opposite Sex in Puppy Sweeps!

Second to the Veteran Sweepstakes. Nine year-old Vadasz (Am/Can CH Varazs Kiralyi Vadaszat FDJ, Can/Am CD, NAVHDA NA Prize II, JH, RN (AKC), RA (AKC), CGN) won the 7-10 year old veteran class and then was awarded Best Veteran in Sweepstakes.  His sister and my dog Miska (won the 7-10 year old Female Veteran class and then was awarded Best of Opposite in Veteran Sweepstakes.  The judge was Alexandria Richard of London, ON, herself a long-time Vizsla breeder and owner.  It was an honor to my dogs to be acknowledged by her.

And then Miss Elsie took Reserve Winners Bitch in the Specialty Show under Hungarian judge, Dr. Tamas Jekkel of Budapest. To see more of Elsie at the show, click here.

Quest (CH Varazs Kedves Quester) made the cut for Best of Breed.  He was handled by my friend, Rhonda Smith Gianni.

Quest at the front of the Best of Breed line-up

Stacked nicely

Quest (far L) making the BOB cut

27 June 2012

Elsie's first dog show

Pretty Elsie

Elsie, aka Miss Yellow, aka Varazs Kedvesem Grand Finale born May 31, 2010 out of our Miska-Brick litter attended her first dog shows this past weekend.  And she picked up 4 points towards her CKC Champion title.  And she was also entered in the Vizsla Society of Ontario's 2012 Specialty Show Puppy Sweepstakes and Specialty Show and did very, very well!  Although she didn't take any points at the VSO shows, she was Best Female Puppy in the 12-18 month-old and was Best of Opposite Sex in the Puppy Sweeps which were judged by fellow Vizsla breeder, Alexandria Richard of Kivalo Vizslas who has bred some lovely Vizslas.

Later at the Specialty Show, Elsie was pulled into first place in the Bred-by Exhibitor class by Hungarian judge, Dr. Tamas Jakkel of Budapest but a late participant in the class (due to an error by the show secretary) usurped her win.  She came 2nd in the Bred-By class and went Reserve Winners Bitch.

At other shows throughout the weekend hosted by the Hamilton Kennel Club, Elsie took her 4 points under judges Lisa Avery (Brantford, ON), Michael Hill (Toronto, ON) and sporting dog breeder and judge, Virginia Lyne of Saanichton, BC.  Way to go Elsie!!

Crating in the Vizsla area.  Where is everyone else?

Elsie stacked & being baited

Gaiting around the ring

Elsie (L) and one of her competitors at the Specialty Show

Elsie is Best of Opposite Sex in the Puppy Sweepstakes

More 9th birthday pics

Here are pictures of Shandy and brother Vadasz and sister Miska turning 9 years young (June 26).  Thanks to Chrissie Diron for the photo of Shandy.  I hope to receive a few more pics from the owners of the 7 other puppies from this litter.

Shandy celebrating!

Vadasz (L) and Miska (R)

26 June 2012

Happy 9th Birthday!!

10 puppies born June 26, 2003 sired by our Sasha and whelped by our Nova
Celebrating her 9th birthday today is my darling Miska (pronounced MiSHka), aka Mishky-Mishky, Miska-Monkers, along with her 9 littermates: Amber, Hudson, Katya, Noble, Rachel, Ruby, Shandy, Vadasz and Zsofi.  They were sired by my beloved Sasha and whelped by my playful and fun-loving Nova on June 26, 2003.

Miska, 10 days old, July 6, 2003
Miska - 9 years old

Miska at 9 showing lovely conformation still

21 June 2012

Charlie visits

Charlie, aka Mr. Black, aka Tunder, aka Varazs Kedvesem Final Frontier born May 31/2011 out of our Miska-Brick litter, visited last week to attend dog shows.  Here are some pictures of him.  He's a very handsome boy, IMO, even though he didn't pick up any points at the shows because his competition was a lovely female Champion.  He is beautifully trained, largely due to my efforts since I had him until he was about 6 months of age.

Charlie (L) with his Uncle Tyro

Mama Miska and Charlie

Charlie stacked

19 June 2012

Shandy earns a High in Class!

Shandy, a littermate to our Miska born June 26, 2003 out of our beloved Nova (dam) and Sasha (Sire) earned her first Rally Excellent leg at the Comox Valley Kennel Club (BC) trials and shows on June 10, 2012. And her score (bteween 85 and 89) warranted a High in Class! Congratulations to her owner and handler, Chrissie Diron.

Shandy with her High in Class rosette and prize

17 June 2012

Back to back birthdays

We have two litters with back-to-back birthdays this month.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

On June 16th, we celebrate the fourth birthday of our Miska-Ozzie litter - 2 girls and 4 boys born June 16, 2008.  They include: Diva, Piper, Andras, Blaze, Gunner and Quest

On June 17 2006, our litter of 8 puppies was born to our beloved Nova and sired by Ch. Kizmar Touch of Evil (Hudson).  They turn six today.  Here's a photo of the puppies at 43 days of age.  The pups are: Nika, Lucy 1 and Lucy 2, Ruby, Lloyd, Tessie, Tucker and Tyro.


13 June 2012

Proud Mamas

Like any dog breeder and dog owner, I am very proud when my dogs accomplish something. This past weekend was especially exciting since Miska and her son Bodi (DOB May 31, 2011) each took top accolades at the Oxford Dog Sports United Kennel Club shows and trials.  Bodi took a Best in Show and Miska's rally-obedience scores of 100 and 98 earned her two High In Trial awards.  Here are a few more photos from the weekend, thanks to Corrine Sellars, Bodi's owner.

Ticked pink with Bodi's Best in Show award

Mama Miska and son Bodi with their HIT & BIS rosettes
Proud mama with Miska's 2 HIT rosettes

12 June 2012

High In Trial & first UKC rally titles

Miska with her first High in Trial & score of 100 with judge Deb Beean, Ithaca, MI

Anyone who does obedience or rally-obedience likes to earn a High In Trial which means the dog has earned the highest score of all the dogs entered in a trial.  So I was thrilled that Miska earned not one but TWO HIGH IN TRIALs at the Oxford Dog Sports United Kennel Club rally-obedience trials held this past weekend in Princeton, Ontario.  I expected her to do well since she has several other rally and obedience titles but the venue was outdoors and the weather ranged from cool to damp, to drizzling to pouring rain to hot and steamy.  That means expect the unexpected or perhaps the expected since most Vizslas don't like doing anything in the rain unless it involves hunting and most dogs don't do well in extreme heat which we had on day 2.

Nevertheless, Miska didn't let me down and earned her UKC Rally Level 1 (URO1) title with 2 firsts and 1 second place along with the two High in Trials.  She also earned a qualifying score and second place towards her Level 2 title.  And her half-brother Tyro also earned his UKC Rally Level 1 (URO1) title with second and third placements and a Q towards his Level 2 title and a 4th place.

Miska finishing her URO1 title with a HIT under judge Laurie Soutar

Miska and Tyro, drenched after our rally trial

11 June 2012

B is for . . .

  • Bodi
  • Brags
  • Best in Show
Bodi is a male puppy from our May 31, 2011 litter sired by Int'l BIS BISS Am/Int'l CH Pirok Tegla MH (Brick) and out of my Miska aka BIS (Veteran) AKC/CKC/Int'l/UKC CH Varazs Kiralyi Kedvesem FDJ, FD, NAVHDA NA Prize III, JH, AKC/CKC CD, AKC CDX, AKC/CKC RE, AKC RAE, AGNJS, URO1, CGN, CGC, TDI.  It's time to Brag about Bodi to my followers and blog readers. 

As of today, Bodi is a mere 1 year and 11 days old and he and his devoted owner, Corrine Sellars, have accomplished the following:
  • earned 3 titles before 1 year of age in three different areas - field, rally and obedience:
    • Canine Good Neighbour (CGN - CKC), January 14, 2012
    • Rally, Level 1 (URO1 - UKC), April 15, 2012
    • Field Dog Jr. (FDJ - CKC), May 20, 2012
  • placed 1st in his class (9-12 month old puppy dog) at the Regional National Specialty show in Huron OH in conjunction with the Vizsla Club of America's National Specialty events and 4th place in the 9-12 month old puppy dog) class at the VCA's National Specialty show 
  • earned 1 leg towards his American (AKC) Rally Novice title
  • acquired 9 points towards his Canadian (CKC) Champion title
  • awarded Best in Show at an all-breed United Kennel Club show.
Needless to say, Breeder Mom and Mama Miska are very proud of his accomplishments at this tender age.  I've always prided myself on breeding good all-around, versatile Vizslas and Bodi is already proving from a very young age that he's got what it takes to be a Versatile Vizsla in the truest sense of the word - and just like his Mama.

Here are some photos of Bodi.
Completing his UKC Rally Level 1 (URO1) title with a 3rd place

Best of Winners at 6 months of age

Bodi's booty haul from the Regionals and Nationals in Huron OH

Bodi and Corrine earning his first AKC rally-obedience leg

1st place, 9-12 month old class, Regional Specialty show

Ecstatic breeder-mom/handler seconds after being awarded Best in Show

Best in Show (UKC) with judge Joy Leiskau of Baden, ON

2 June 2012

Oh, SOOOO close!

Yesterday Miska and I competed in two Open (obedience) trials, hoping to earn her last 2 legs for her Canadian Companion Dog Excellent (CDX) title.  Last fall she earned her first CKC leg and then earlier this year she finished her AKC CDX.  So having recently trialed, I was hopeful she would do well enough to get two passes and her title. 

Well, things never quite go according to [my] plan.  But I should focus on the POSITIVE.  Despite very little practice in the last couple of months (because we were focusing more on agility), Miska's first trial went very well.  It was my first time in many years competing in the "B" class which now mixes up the order of the exercises and this was sooooooo refreshing!  Her heeling was pretty good, retrieving and jumping were awesome and she had some very good fronts and finishes.  Only one one exercise did Miska do the unexpected.  There was a very prominent chalk mark on the black floor to indicate where the handler and dog were to set up in front of the high jump.  I was doing a 'finish' after the retrieve on the flat and sent Miska around the back of me which is when she spotted the line several feet away and had to go check it out.  I kept my mouth shut and the judge & I waited to see what she would do.  After she satisfied her curiousity. she returned to heel position.  We lost a mark or two for a poor finish but that was all.  So wasn't I absolutely thrilled to learn she not only passed (yeah!) with a score of 193 but placed 4th in her class!!  Hip hip hooray!! As we were competing in the company of some of Canada's top obedience handlers and dogs, it was quite an achievement to get a placement with such illustrious competitors.

Nice software

At that point, I was feeling confident of a second pass.  We were in a different ring under a different judge for trial #2.   Miska's heeling wasn't as good; for some reason she just didn't like heeling into the corner of this room where the same thing happened the previous night at a class.  However, I felt she'd still pass and she did really well on all the other exercises.  The broadjump has often been our nemesis, with her walking through or onto the jumps but she cleared them both times with great enthusiasm.  Then it came time for the 3 minute our of sight sit-stay which she aced about 40 minutes earlier.  When I returned to the ring, my heart sank.  She had stood up which means an automatic FAIL.  However the judge said Miska had laid down at around 2:34 and then stood up!  Had it not been for this little glitch, she would have had a xcore of 192.5 and her title.  Grrrrr!!!

But what can you do?  Despite the promise of another steak dinner, Miska did it her way.  I think she just likes to see me spend money!!  I KNOW she'll finish her CDX.  It's just a matter of when.