30 August 2009

Great August weekend for Ozzie-Miska puppies

What a weekend for our Ozzie-Miska puppies born June 16, 2008! Three earned new titles!

Piper completed her CKC Championship title on Friday August 28 at the Markham Kennel Club in Richmond Hill, Ontario by taking Winners Bitch and Best of Winners for her final two points. The judge was Deborah Graffman of Kilbride, Ontario. Piper's official name is now CH Varazs Kedves Quinn. Congratulations to Piper's family!!! What a sweetie she is. We really enjoyed having her stay with us for the weekend while she was in shows. She's a delight to have around and everyone misses her now that she's gone home.
Blaze was entered in a NAHVDA Natural Ability test in Alberta on Saturday August 29 and scored a Prize III. He's now known as Varazs Kedves Quasar NAVHDA NA Pz III. Well done to his human, Iulia, for handling him. This was her very first time handling a dog in NAVHDA. According to his owners, "although his water and field work were good, he had a little trouble at the tracking with the very high wind. He picked up the scent a little late and he trailed off a little. He showed a good field search despite the dense fog, low temperature ( 5 C) and extremely wet high grass at 7 AM. The water work was the easiest for him as he is really going for the water lately. " His owners felt he should have done better but experienced field people know that even seasoned hunting dogs may not perform well under such variable and challenging weather conditions. Great job!

Blaze on point, courtesy of B. Tanko

Quest was entered all four days at Markham Kennel Club and took Winners Dog each day, earning a total of 8 points this weekend to complete his CKC Championship title on Sunday August 30. Way to go Quest! He's now CH Varazs Kedves Quester. Quest is shown below with Judge Michel Chaloux of Quebec.
The Markham Kennel Club show was where these puppies' maternal grand-dad, Sasha, also finished his Championship and took a Best Puppy in Group as well as Best of Breed from the 6 to 9-month old class over Specials (champions) at a Vizsla Society of Ontario Booster Show so this venue has very special meaning for me. How nice that Piper and Quest also earned their champion titles here.

So, what a fantastic weekend for these Ozzie-Miska puppies and also what a wonderful month because earlier another littermate, Andras, completed his American Championship. I am thrilled with the accomplishments of these puppies to date and know that more achievements are forthcoming. Congratulations to their owners for their love, dedication, hard work in training, laying the groundwork, and for taking such great care of our puppies. And well done to Ozzie (CH Hubertus Quality Control FDJ) and my Miska (Am/Can CH Varazs Kiralyi Kedvesem FDJ, FD, NAVHDA NA Prize III, JH, Am/Can CD, Am/Can RN, Am/Can RA, Am RE, CGN) for producing such talented and gorgeous puppies!

29 August 2009

To the dog that started it all

In tribute to Am/Can CH Kezdet's Adrian Buster Am/Can CD TT CGC 'Buster'
who crossed the Rainbow Bridge on August 29, 2001 - eight years ago today.

I don't know where the time has gone but a lot has happened with dogs between then and today. Buster was born on September 6, 1988 and his birthday is also approaching. He lived until just shy of 13 years. Buster was my first real show dog even though I didn't acquire him until 16 months of age. Not only did he finish his Championship in Canada, he also earned his American CH and his American & Canadian Companion Dog titles. In September 1992, he earned one group placement which put him into the Top Five Vizslas in Canada. Then on Hallowe'en October 31, 1992, he mated with our foundation bitch, Nekah, who went on to become Am/Cdn CH Maritza of Kezdet Nekah Am/Cdn CD, CGC (Nekah). That breeding produced six wonderful puppies on New Year's Eve December 31, 1992, two of which became titled dogs:

BPIG* Am/Can CH Varazs Kiraly Sassy Sasha Am/Can CD, Am/Can CDX, FDJ, RN, RA, RE, RAE, TT, CGC, CGN "Sasha" (owned by me)


Am/Can CH Varazs New Year's Eve Jazzsong, Am/Can CD TT CGC & Delta Therapy Dog "Jazz" (co-owned by me and Joy White).

How auspicious were those dates? Hallowe'en and New Year's Eve?

Our Sasha was my most wonderful Vizsla ever, living into his 16th year and producing many great and wonderful offspring and grandkids. These are also Buster's grand- and great-grand kids who have shown & continue to show beauty in the show ring and talent in so many other venues.

Buster - thank you for really getting me started in this dog show business and breeding. I still miss you and I will always be grateful to you for your Top Vizsla achievement. But what was best overall about you was your son Sasha. Here's to you Buster!!!

Sasha (L) and Buster (R), June 2000

26 August 2009

More rally titles!

Congratulations to two Varazs Vizslas for more new Rally-obedience titles earned just recently!

Katya earned her American Rally Excellent (RE) title along with her 1st RAE leg. She's now Ch (Cdn & UKC) Varazs Sziv Jump For Joy RN, RA, RE, CGC CGN.

Milo continues to steam his way through more rally and earned his Cdn Assoc. of Rally Obedience Rally Novice Team (RNT) title, earning a score of 197 and 3rd place under extreme weather conditions. He's now officially known as Varazs Mokany Ficko FDJ, Am/Can CD,Am/Can RN, AgNJ, AGN, RACL (CARO), SSGDC, SADC, CL1-R, CGN.

23 August 2009

Piper picks up points

Over the past two weekends of dog shows, 14 month-old "Piper" (by CH Hubertus Quality Control FDJ "Ozzie"ex CH Varazs Kiralyi Kedvesem CD FD RA CGN "Miska") who was Miss Purple in this litter born June 16, 2008 picked up 6 points. She earned 2 points at the Kilbride KC show in Milton, ON and this past weeked at the St. Catharines & District KC show, she took Best of Breed each day (3 days), 4 more points, and made the cut in the Sporting Group under Swedish judge, Nils Molin. She just needs 2 more points to finish her Canadian Championship title.

Piper is a very fun-loving and happy little Vizsla with a big heart and I am delighted with her looks, movement and temperament.

Best of Breed under Judge Fred Peddie of Hamilton, ON
L-R: Piper, mom Miska, sister Diva (August 2009)

22 August 2009

Happy 14th Birthday

Happy 14th Birthday to Jester (Varazs Starbuck’s Moka Java TT ) and Winston (Varazs Summer Reverie CGC), the 2 remaining Vizslas from our 2nd litter born August 22, 1995 between Can/Am CH Harann Envoy to Earnescliffe and Am/Can CH Maritza of Kezdet Nekah Am/Can CD CGC. What a major milestone to reach! Sadly, Bob (Varazs Summer Solstice), another littermate crossed the Rainbow Bridge just 2 days shy of this birthday. And also gone are Zuzu (CH Varazs Midsummer's Night Dream), Bart, and Tammy. All dogs in this litter are remembered for their exceptionally loving temperaments and gorgeous looks and heads.

Jester's owner just sent me this recent photo of Jester.


21 August 2009

New American Champion!

"Andras" is the first puppy from our breeding of sire Ozzie (CH Hubertus Quality Control FDJ)and dam Miska (Am/Can CH Varazs Kiralyi Kedvesem FDJ, FD, NAVHDA NA Prize III, JH, Am/Can CD, Am/Can RN, Am/Can RA, Am RE, CGN) born June 16, 2008 to become a Champion and in his case, he is now an American Champion at the very young age of 14 months! He did extremely well in the show ring earning 4 'major' wins and a group placement (Group 4th). His official name is now CH Varazs Kedves Quizmark. Congratulations to Ozzie and Miska and to his owners, Nan and Ransom Cook of California! And thank you so much for showing him and earning this title! I am very proud of you Anddras and happy for your owners. Well done.

20 August 2009

Remembering Bob

Varazs Summer Solstice "Bob"
August 22, 1995 - August 20, 2009

I am saddened to learn today, August 20, two days short of his 14th birthday, that Bob took his final magic ride into the sky and crossed the Rainbow Bridge. He was cherished by his loving family of Karen, Doug and then later in his life, Emma and Hannah, their daughters. What I remember most about Bob is his wonderful, loving temperament. He was such a sweet, kissy and happy Vizsla and such a joy to be with. Bob's spirit and memory will always live on and he will be greatly missed. See also Karen's tribute to Bob.

Bob is eternally immortalized in Karen's book.

Bob at 4 months old

1 year old

6 years old with his best friend, Rita (at rear)

13 years young

18 August 2009

Diva's awesome adventure

From the paws of our Diva . . .

I went to the cottage of my hu-mom's friend last night and got to visit my great-grandma Bree again. She's 12 years old this month. When I last had my photo taken with her, I was only 6 weeks old and now I'm 14 months old! Here I am with great grandma, Bree.

Great grandma, looking beautiful as ever on her doggie divan

This is me.

I went swimming in Muskoka Lake and showed my hu-mom that I could swim a lot faster than she could. She kept swimming away from me but I didn't want her to go very far so I dog paddled out to save her. She laughed and laughed even though I splashed her a lot.

I also had fun playing with some puppies but they wanted to nurse me for some reason 'xcept my fountains don't work yet.

And I got to meet Simba the cat. Hu-mom said I was a very good dog because I didn't chase Simba. I had an awesome time! Thanks hu-mom for taking me to see great grandma & the puppies and thank you Eileen for letting me stay at your cottage.


2 August 2009

Bob's almost 14!

Yesterday I drove to Pickering/Oshawa (east of Toronto) with my 3 Vizslas (Miska, Tyro & Diva) to visit Karen Johnston & her Vizslas "Bob" and "Rita". Bob (Varazs Summer Solstice) is out of our 2nd litter born August 22, 1995 between Can/Am CH Harann Envoy to Earnescliffe ("Mac") and Am/Can CH Maritza of Kezdet Nekah Am/Can CD CGC ("Nekah"). Earlier I blogged about Bob and Karen's book, Mr. Bob's Magic Ride In The Sky, for which Bob was the inspiration. http://varazsvizslas.blogspot.com/2008/11/mr-bob-his-magic-ride.html

You guessed it. Bob turns 14 years old this month so I was really anxious to see him again. My last visit with Bob was about 3.5 years ago when he came to celebrate my Sasha's 12th birthday. Bob and Sasha are half-brothers on their dam Nekah's side. Behind Bob on his sire's side is BIS CH Dirigo Gambler's Marker HOF who lived to the age of 20!!!! "Marker" is Bob's great-grandfather. So those longevity genes are certainly being passed on to many of Marker's descendents although I haven't heard of any living to quite the ripe old age that Marker did. Twenty is exceptionally old for a Vizsla. Fourteen is still quite old and it's wonderful that Bob is so close to that milestone.

Bob is now quite frail and is covered in lumps and bumps but he managed to give me lots and lots of kisses. The dogs in his litter were extremely affectionate and all had wonderful temperaments and Bob is certainly no exception. While it's still a little early in the month, I just want to wish Bob the biggest Happy Birthday ever!!!!!!!!


Miska & her Uncle Bob

Diva with her Great-Uncle Bob