29 July 2012

Pointing styles - adult dogs

In the dog world, seeing a Vizsla on point doing what's been bred to do is such a thrill.  There's nothing I can do to train a dog to point,  This comes naturally or innately.  Here are some photos of a number of our adult dogs pointing.  In some of these photos they are pointing game, in others they are honoring another dog on point so the intensity of the tail sometimes indicate whether they are pointing real game or not!

Diva being exposed to game as a young dog

Miska, an experienced hunting dog, on point at game

Nova pointing game

Miska honoring

Honoring the pack leader - Miska

Quest on point

Tasha on pojnt

Tyro pointing and honoring a dog

27 July 2012

Puppy love

  • Cost to breed a purebred dog (not costing all her titles and training and health): $3000. 
  • Cost to whelp and raise a litter of 8 puppies:  $5,000
  • Puppy love and puppy breath: PRICELESS!
Breeder Mom with Miss Yellow, aka Elsie from our 2011 litter

23 July 2012


When our puppies come to visit, most (there are some exceptions) have toe nails that are WAY too long.  It's one of the first things I happen to notice after observing the dogs' weights and after I get all the kisses and licks from them and telling the owners how sweet and good looking the dogs are - which they ARE!  Most of the owners don't even realize the nails are too long or their dog is over- or underweight until I mention it. 

Me - "Oh my - your dog's nails are too long."
Owner - "Really?  We just trimmed them."   Or, "We just had them trimmed at the vet's/groomer's."
Me - "Well, they need to be a lot shorter."
Owner - "But we are afraid of cutting the quick and making the nail bleed.  WE cut it once and now the dog just freaks out when we try to do his/her nails."
Me - "Well, that's always possible but dogs can withstand a LOT of pain and never show it.  And by letting your dog not let you do their nails, you're letting your dog be in control."
Nail clippers that I use
Owner - "But it's a two person job to do the nails.  I can't do them alone."
Me - "Really?  Well, you need to find a way.  I suggest you use the grinder rather than a trimmer and never use a guillotine."

Dremel grinding tool
The last two puppies were entered in dog shows when they came to my place and so it was imperative that their nails be trimmed much shorter.  The first one, Charlie, was just terrible (he's the two-person dog) and he fought and struggled like crazy.  I decided to put a Gentle Leader and a muzzle on him (just in case he tried to mouthe or bite me) and wrapped the leash over my foot so he couldn't run away,  I had lots of tasty treats ready for when he relaxed and co-operated.  I don't let dogs get away with such behaviour and they soon learn that I mean business when it comes to their nails.

First I trimmed a lot of the excess with clippers as shown above and then I used a Dremel on Charlie.  He eventually settled down and lay quietly allowing me to finish grinding his nails.  The second time I did his nails, I just put the Gentle Leader on him and he was a perfectly co-operative subject allowing me to grind his nails - with NO struggling.  What a difference!!  So my advice to Charlie's owners was to use a Dremel and he's be a charm from now on.

My second 'subject' was Elsie.  Again, the owner was surprised that I thought her nails were too long.  But here's the "before" and 'after' shots of her nails.

Before - these nails are way too long

After - much better but I'd still like them shorter
Long nails can adversely affect the structure of a dog's foot, ruining their feet which is why they need to be kept short.  And who wants to hear the clickety-click of their nails on hardwood or tiles floors?  Plus long nails can scratch and damage furniture and wooden floors.

If you have a dog that hates to have its nails trimmed with clippers, change to a Dremel.  I have successfully done that with Tyro who has always hated to have his nails clipped but now he relaxes while I grind them instead.  My experience with these two puppies also should convince their owners that grinding is much better and far less stressful than clipping.

To help you Dremel your dog's nails, visit this Internet page:

20 July 2012

Dog shake

It's always fascinating to watch a dog shake.  In this case, I was able to get a fair number of shots of Diva beginning and ending a body shake.  Interesting how the skin on her muzzle flies around so much.

Oh - that sure felt GOOD!

17 July 2012

Love to chew

We discovered that Ruby (aka Varazs Kiralyi Rubicund) from our 2003 litter who boarded with us for the past 2 weeks LOVES to chew.  She managed to devour about 4 rubber chew toys - fortunately my dogs weren't interested in them - and then started on the soft toys - which my dogs LOVE although they don't chew them, they just carry them around.   Ruby seems to like chew toys, sticks and soft toys and acoording to her owners, she LOVES TO CHEW and destroys toys in no time flat.

I don't know why one dog loves to chew and another doesn't.  Our dogs have destroyed plenty of toys in the past but not recently.  I wonder if it has to do with the fact that right now, my two of my dogs are getting a lot of training in agility and another in rally and so their minds and energy are focused on other activities.  What do you think?

Alligator teeth!

Diva, this is MY stick. Buzz off.

Partially chewed toy by Ruby
Can I chew this one Grandma? "No!!"

14 July 2012

More 2003 litter "birthday" pics

The 2003 litter one of my favourites largely because of the wonderful sire, my beloved Sasha, and my lovely dam Nova.  They were among two of my favourite Vizslas and Sasha is my all-time fav male.  The ten puppies (yes!) in this litter all have exceptional temperaments, fantastic abilities, are very intelligent and have lovely conformation.  So far, all 10 puppies from this litter, which recently turned 9 years old, are alive and very healthy.   Here are recent (within a year) photos of 3 more from the litter: Hudson, Zsofi and Rachel.


Hudson at the cottage (Summer 2011), age 8


Zsofi and her owner Jill

Zsofi catching some ZZZzzzz's, age almost 9

Varazs Kiralyi Szepseg CGC

Rachel summer of 2011, age 8

Rachel enjoying the cottage

10 July 2012

2006 litter - more "birthday" photos

Here are a few more recent and not-so-recent photos of 2 more Vizslas from my 2006 litter (Nova-Hudson) which celebrated their birthday on June 17. Thanks to their owners for sending me these photos.


Lloyd at the cottage 2011


Tucker 2009

Tucker 2012

8 July 2012

9 year old Puppy

There's no doubt about it.  Ruby1 (to distinguish her from another Ruby in our 2006 litter) from our 2003 litter which turned turned 9 years old on June 26, still looks and acts like a PUPPY!  Her owner kept saying that but I had trouble believing it until Ruby came to stay with us for a couple of weeks.  I hadn't seen much of Ruby over the years because she initially was sent out to live in British Columbia on the west coast of Canada.  Her owners then moved to Ontario but were busy raising a baby so it wasn't until a couple of years ago that we finally met up and I had a short reunion with Ruby.  However, it wasn't until she came to stay with us that I got a real opportunity to get reacquainted.  Not only is she still very puppy-like, she is a real sweetheart!  And boy, does she ever remind me of her mother, Nova.  Her eyes are like Nova's and she stands like Nova - and she HUMPS BEDS just like Nova did.  More about this behaviour later!  She doesn't have the build of Nova but Ruby certainly reminds me a lot of our beloved Nova.  And her muzzle reminds me more of her dad Sasha and her sister Zsofi.  All in all, she's an extremely pretty, fun-loving, playful and very sweet Varazs-bred Vizsla with a great temperament!

Ruby (L) with her sister Miska


5 July 2012

Relatively speaking

I've been fortunate to see or visit with a handful of our puppies over the past couple of months. As a breeder, this always brings me joy since I love to see how our offspring are turning out.  Here are the dogs that have visited lately.

Charlie (formerly Tunder) born May 31, 2011
Charlie with his Uncle Tyro (born June 17, 2006)

L-R: Bodi & Elsie (littermates born May 31/11), Mama Miska, Vadasz and Quest

Ruby born June 26, 2003

Celebrating birthdays!

Sisters Ruby and Miska, 9 years old

3 littermates born June 26, 2003: Ruby, Miska & Vadasz

Littermates Diva & Quest born June 16, 2008

Mama Miska with son Bodi born May 31, 2011