1 July 2010

Thorny issue

Diva's walk was cut short yesterday when she came up lame on her L front leg about 15 minutes into our jaunt through the deep woods. I checked her paws and didn't see anything but it was obvious she was in considerable pain because she limped badly. Fortunately we hadn't gone very far or it would have been a very long trek back to the car.  Later in the evening, on closer examination Michael spotted a very tiny mark on her pad, like a minuscule pin head. The head of it was far too tiny for needle nosed pliers so I decided to soak her paw in Epsom salts first. Then I used my regular eyebrow tweezers and finally managed to get a hold of it & pulled.  Out came a 1 cm. thorn! It had gone straight into her paw. Boy, did she feel a whole lot better without that in her foot!