30 June 2011

Sweet and not so sweet dreams?

Peaceful snooze

Oy, this could give me a headache!

First stair climb video

Thanks to Corrine for capturing Miss Yellow's ascent and less than graceful descent.

First stair climb

Miss Yellow was the first of the litter to successfully climb (sorry for the split infinitive) a stair last night. Unfortunately her head got cut off in the photo because big dogs were in the way. She took a few steps along the riser and then made a rather ungraceful tumble down. The puppies don't have depth perception yet and they are really too small to physically climb down such a large step at this point. But she did land feet first!  My friend Corrine got this on video so perhaps she'll send me a copy that I can post.

Is Tyro giving Miss Yellow a nudge up?


29 June 2011

Video difficulties

"Please stand by; we are experiencing technical difficulties.
Do not adjust your set."

If you're old enough, you'll remember black and white TV and the test pattern that would come on. You'll also remember the canned voice-over with the above message to "not adjust your set."

Well, times have changed but the difficulties are still present although in another form. I've been having a lot of difficulty uploading videos for the past few days. Several recent attempts to upload to YouTube have been frustratingly unsuccessful as well as an attempt at uploading to Google's Picassa.  I get messages from YouTube saying an error has occurred (sometimes 30-60 min, into the process - yes, we don't have a fast connection compared to those with DSL & cable). I don't know what the problem is. And I don't know why people can't open the Picassa uploaded video.  If you have a solution or a suggested alternative, please let me know.

PS, we can't get cable TV in our rural area. Our Internet connection is wireless.


Being a puppy is a very tiring occupation.  While Corrine Sellars held each puppy for their 28-day + 1 day portrait shots today, Miss Red launched into a BIG YAWN.

Here it starts.

Getting wider

Wider still

Can she open her mouth any wider?

Almost there

This is IT! That's as wide as it will go!

Starting to close

Downward stretch

Puppy fangs!

Ooh - now that felt GOOOOOOOD!

28 June 2011

New adventures outdoors

On Monday June 27 (pups were almost 4-weeks old), I set up an ex-pen outdoors for the puppies and they finally had some fresh air. The weather has been less than summery lately so it has been too cold and they've been too young to venture outside until yesterday.

The view from the 2nd storey balconey
Today when they turned 4 weeks of age, out they went again. I decided to mow the lawn and then used the leaf blower while they were enjoying their time in the ex-pen.  All that sound desensitization is proving successful because they slept through most of the noise and when they were awake, they weren't at all bothered by it!  Woo-hoo!!

Big, noisy, scary machine!

Another ear busting machine

After I finishing mowing and blowing, I let the puppies out of the ex-pen, two at a time, to let them explore. Since walking on different surfaces is all part of their socialization development and desensitization process, they were exposed to 4 new surfaces in the last 2 days:
  1. the mat inside the ex-pen; 
  2. concrete paving stones
  3. plastic tarpaulin
  4. grass

Miss Red & Mr Black were the first to be let out to explore in this video

Mr Black almost runs into a boulder
Miss Yellow explores a rock

Mr Black wondering what to do

Another surface to walk on
I was amazed at how confident the puppies were. Each one went off several feet away from me to explore various parts of the garden on their own and together.

Miss Red (front) & Mr Black

Red & Black

I think Miss Red was sampling some grass.

Miss Red deferring to big Uncle Tyro

Miss Yellow boldly marching off somewhere.

Beautiful show pose!

Elephant walk

Looking up to Uncle Tyro

I'm having a blast.

27 June 2011


It's Week 4 of the puppies' lives and now they are more confident and are beginning to be more adventurous. They are now exploring more with their teeth (ouch!) and mouths. Play fighting is becoming more evident. They still haven't successfully climbed up a step but that will likely happen in the next few days.

Hmmm - sandals and feet!

Wonder what toes and leather taste like?

BIG ball!

Big sister Diva plays hard to get.

Diva is amused at her little sis, Miss Yellow


These shots of Tyro's face are more along the line of 'chewing the cud' rather than thinking deeply which is what "to ruminate" means.  Tyro's not our best looking male Vizsla ever but he's so special and goofy in his personality and temperament that we can't help but love him dearly.

Fun shots, day 25

Once again, thanks to Corrine Sellars for taking and composing these pictures of the puppies on their 25th day of life.

Puppies make good headrests when Mom is tired

Coming and going

26 June 2011

Third pedicure

Pups have now received their third pedicure. For the past 3 weeks, it's been weekly - more often than I get one! Ha, ha!  Corrine Sellars took these shots of Mr. Turquoise (formerly Light Blue) getting his nails trimmed.  I'm trying very hard to trim just the right amount so I don't draw blood. Not easy when you have a squiggly wiggly puppy but he was very co-operative.

Miska turns 8!

Happy Birthday to our Miska and 
her 9 littermates, born June 26, 2003!

Miska, aging gracefully

So beautiful still

This is me at 8 weeks of age. Aren't I pretty?

Miska at around 10 days of age