12 June 2011

Weigh in & first pedicure

Well, this weekend, it was obvious the puppies had already outgrown their initial weight-in container so it was time to find a bigger one.  And Sunday (today) was the day they each received a nail trim, aided by good friend and former owner Corrine who is getting a puppy. She was amazed at how much the pups had grown in one week.

Miska and 12 day-old babies

Mr Blue - weigh-in time

Mr Blue is outgrouwing the weigh-in box!

Mr Green tries to escape; see those long nails? Time for a trim.

Trying to steady the box so I can get a weight on Mr Green

1 comment:

  1. Sylvia, Miska and you are doing a great job. The puppys look wonderful and growing like bad weeds. LOL I hope I can get there to see them before I leave for my 4 month business trip. Rhonda