23 June 2011

Fast development

Wow, just earlier today, I blogged about puppies climbing & their teeth erupting & their beginning to play with toys in week 4.  Well, tonight we saw these very things happen(ing)!.  Yesterday, all the puppies were trying to climb one stair but earlier today I was transporting 3 puppies at a time in a box to the other end of the house for photos (more of these to come) when Mr Black managed to successfully climb (sorry for the split infinitive) out of the box.  Tonight we felt teeth in a couple of the puppies and they were starting to be more aware of and begin to interact with toys. I took some video tonight but haven't had a chance to download & upload to Youtube. Stay tuned!  This is all very exciting stuff, especially to animal behaviorists and psychologists!!!!

1 comment:

  1. Also very exciting stuff for the soon-to-be puppy homes :o).