3 June 2011

Motherly devotion

Hormones are powerful chemicals that affect the body and behaviour. Giving birth triggers various hormones to produce milk, the mothering behaviour and in dogs, a variety of other behaviours to nurture and clean whelps.  Miska has proven herself on 3 occasions to be an absolutely wonderful mother.  Three you say?  But she's had only 2 litters!  Well, she was so keen to be a mom to her mother's second litter when Miska was 3.  Miska wanted so badly to crawl into the whelping box to assist her mom, Nova, with Nova's new babies. Of course, Miska couldn't nurse them but she did try to clean them and wanted badly to play with them.  Now Miska is a mom for the second time 'round and is doing another fantastic job - even if she is a little tired, (Join the club!)

Sleeping on the job.

Methinks there's something a foul there.


  1. They look wonderful..get some sleep ladies..it is a tough job on both of you.

  2. Good job Miska! You and Shandy are undeniably sisters - both superb mothers.