14 June 2011

Bang, boom, crash, neigh, moo, waaaahhh

Bang, boom, crash, shriek, waaaahhh, neigh, oink, scream!

These are just a few of the many sounds that the puppies are now starting to be exposed to. Several years ago at an animal behaviour conference I attended, I picked up the Gentle Leader Sound Desensitization CD. Then at the same conference about 4 years ago, I learned of other sound CDs produced in Great Britain and ordered them from www.soundsscary.com (NOTE: this website is no longer active) since they specifically included other sounds not on the Gentle Leader CD. In total, I have 4 CD's with the scores of different household and outdoor sounds including car horns, pigs, cows mooing, air hoses, thunder, vacuum cleaner, teeth being brushed, clapping, children screaming, babies crying, chain saw, etc. These CD's will be played for hours on continuous loop while the puppies feed, with the volume slowly increasing, now that the puppies' ear canals have opened. The purpose is to ensure the pups feel comfortable and actually enjoy these noises so they don't feel anxiety when they are older. Poor Miska though; she has to endure the CDs too!


  1. Is lawnmower and motorbike included ? Those two drive Blaze nuts. I cannot start up the lawn mower with Blaze close by, he goes off on a barking hysteria.

  2. Yes, they ARE included! Maybe I didn't play the CDs often or loud enough! Nothing seems to faze our dogs altho they will bark when someone rings the doorbell.

  3. What you're doing to raise your puppies is awesome!! I wonder how many other breeders do this????