20 June 2011

House training

House training of the puppies is already underway & started when the pups were about 2.5 weeks old. On Thursday of last week, I removed the pad from the whelping box because the pups were peeing up a storm and I had to constantly change & wash the sheet. Instead, they now have a bed at one of the box and special 'pee pads' lining the rest of the whelping box. These pee pads are impregnated with pheromones to help the puppy pee in the right place. Although the pups aren't even 3 weeks of age, most are getting the hang of toddling over to the pee pads and peeing there instead of on the bed. This is the start of house training.

Also notice the printed designs on the inside of the whelping box. These are visual stimulations to help with their eyesight. What can you expect when there are two people with Psychology degrees (MA & PhD) living in the house?  Well, it means these pups are well raised!!

It's a short walk to the pee pads.

The bathroom is at the other end guys.

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  1. .,wow.,great to hear that. I saw the picture of the pups;I bet you're so proud of them. They look so cute.
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