2 October 2013

Awesome agility weekend!

Miska, Diva and I had a fantastic 4-day American Kennel Club agility trial in Romulus NY at the end of September.  Miska, especially, dazzled me with her performances except for Friday when she was totally 'off her game'.  Don't know what had happened that day but the other 3 days, she was magnificent.

Miska came home with:
  1.  A Novice F.A.S.T. Preferred title   - NFP
  2. An Excellent Jumpers Preferred title - AJP (this is Miska's 37th title)
  3. Two legs tiwards her Excellent Standard Preferred title
On the last trial of the four days in the Excellent Standard class, I mismanaged Miska on a 180 degree turn and as a result, she went past the 2nd jump instead of over it which resulted in a Refusal and not qualifying.  Otherwise, she would have had a perfect, clean run and her title!!  Aaaaarrrrrgggh!! Oh well!!  Miska earned first and second places for all of her qualifying runs (7 of them!).  I was  thrilled with how Miska did, exceeding my expectations for her and for me.

I earned all those rosettes!!! (Miska)

And Miska's daughter, Diva, didn't totally disappoint.  She also earned her Novice FAST title (NF)  and two legs towards her Open Standard (OA) title.  She was a train wreck in all of her Open Jumpers trials so control, focus and weaves are what we have to work on before she goes into any more trials. When she Q'd, she also earned placements in every pass - two firsts, two seconds and one third place.  And she also earned one leg towards her AKC Lure Coursing Ability title.  And her younger, half-brother Bodi earned his AKC Coursing Ability (CA) title at this venue. 

All in all, it was a great Wine Circuit weekend!