27 February 2009


OMG, it's cold outside! Awoke to freezing temps in Tulsa, OK. Literally freezing - 32 deg F/0 deg C. Our hu-mum had to bundle up in her fleece jacket to take us outside to do our business. We didn't have any coats but she was still shivering away. Now she knows why so many people say "hurry up" to their dogs to do their business!!!

Okay, okay - we've all acclimatized to Arizona temps after only 2 months. So why, oh why, are our humans taking us back to the cold in Ontario? Something about a famous opera star who's coming to sing in Toronto on March 1 and they have tickets. Her name is Cecilia Bartoli and she's THE most famous modern opera diva of modern times and they bought tickets to hear her months and months ago and didn't want to miss her because it's a once in a lifetime chance. So that's why we're coming home now and not a month from now. If it were up to us Vizslas, we'd have stayed in AZ until April. it wasn't our choice to come back to cold Canada.

26 February 2009

What's going on?

It started with Tyro. He threw up part of his breakfast on our way back from the dog park on Tuesday. And then he vomited several more times later in the day. I wondered if it was from heat exhaustion from playing at the park - even though it wasn't exceedingly hot; or was it from drinking too much water at the park? Or was it from stress when he saw us packing up to return home? We dosed him up with Pepto Bismal and withheld his supper.

Finally to bed aftr packing but were awakened at about 1 am by the sounds of a dog heaving. I raced downstairs. Tyro was fine. Now it was Nova's turn to vomit. And, some of it had run onto the carpet in the rental house - the very day we're leaving! So it was clean up time. Back to bed. Then she threw up again but this time, just a small amount of bile.

After a terrible night's sleep, we awoke at around 7:30 AM. We'd hope to depart for our trip home by 9 am but that departure time was unlikely. No breakfast for Nova or Tyro; just more Pepto. Shortly after feeding Miska and Diva, it was then Miska's turn to throw up. What was going on? Of course, Miska did it on the carpet too! Thank goodness both I and the landlord had plenty of carpet cleaner on hand. Finally, Diva wasn't spared. She vomited her breakfast. Now I had 4 dogs all throwing up and we had to hit the road for our long trip back to Canada. Stopped at the vets and picked up some canned gasto food & the grocery store for a can opener. None of the dogs was so sick that they needed medical attention but it was a little worrying.

Despite the Pepto Bismal, Miska vomitted in the van and then again at the hotel in Texas. Thankfully, I bring sheets to throw over the hotel's bed to protect the bedding because that's where Miska threw up. I was glad that the hotel had a guest laundry so I was washing & drying dog beds and sheets late last night. Finally, all 4 dogs now seem to have recuperated over whatever made them sick and we can all relax. But I have no idea what could have given all of them upset stomachs. It's sure not fun being sick or having sick dogs when one is traveling. I hope that the rest of the trip home is smooth and without incident.

24 February 2009

Paws up for winter in AZ

Our hu-mom took us to the dog park yesterday and today. She says we have to leave tomorrow to return home to Ontario so wanted us to have lots of exercise before departing 'cause we will be in the van about 9 hr/day. It was hot, even though the temperature was only 71 deg. when we went out this morning. At home, that would just be warm but because it's so sunny with so little wind, it sure feels hot here. Mom is sad that it's going to be hot all week just as we're leaving Arizona because it's cold and still snowy at home in Canada where we live.

We had a really good time at the dog park and no dogs were mean or growly to Tyro. My mom, Nova, and I (Miska) pointed the song birds because there are no game birds at the dog park while Diva chased a ball or was chased by other dogs or began a game of chase and Tyro just hung out and joined in the chase games. It's a good thing there's fresh water here because we needed lots. Yesterday, a boxer kept standing in the water basin and getting it dirty so our hu-mom or someone else's hu-mom or dad would empty and refill it. It would stay clean until the Boxer came back.

After we got home, we relaxed in the garden by the pool, soaking up the rays. Surprisingly, there are very few flies or insects here so Mom can leave the patio doors open.

We Vizslas had lots of fun here in Arizona. Sure beats having to dress up in winter jackets and sweaters to go outside. Of course we do miss running through the woods off leash but we'll get to do that soon when we get home. Our humans have already been searching for another rental property for next year. This afternoon they are going to view a house that sits on an acre of land - just for us. They are so thoughtful, aren't they? We're keeping our paws crossed!

17 February 2009

"Heat" wave

I wish the heat wave was all about hot weather in Arizona; it's not. I wish it was because it's been quite cool this week but still beats being at home in Ontario! It's all about Tyro having to endure his half-sister, Miska, being in estrus this week adding insult to his near injury at the dog park the other day. And Miska's not interested in him at all! Poor fellow. What a blow to his ego. When he's not around her, he's as happy a Vizsla as ever. Just wish she'd go 'off the boil' very soon so we can all get some peace and quiet.

16 February 2009

Close call for Tyro

I don't frequent the leash-free park on weekends, anticipating excessive crowding. However on Saturday, we spent most of the day driving up to Wickenberg, AZ to reach a 53 mile scenic drive west featuring Joshua Trees, mountains and canyons. By the time we returned home, there wasn't enough time to walk dogs. So I took Tyro, Nova & Diva to the dog park. Miska stayed home because she is in full estrus.

My expectations were right, it was more crowded than I had ever seen it. But no one was bothering Tyro and he was having fun until another Vizsla arrived - a neutered male - which started to show some aggression towards Tyro. (Tyro is intact.) I was able to stave this dog off but he worried me. Then a hefty male Boxer (again, neutered) arrived, ran up to Tyro and immediately jumped up & put his front legs and chest over Tyro's back in a strong display of dominance aggression. The Boxer didn't want to step down and was making increasingly louder growls and threats at Tyro. Tyro wasn't happy to be pinned by the Boxer. I quickly grabbed the hind legs of the Boxer & pulled him off Tyro. He didn't like that but he just wouldn't leave Tyro alone. Who or where was the Boxer's owner? I had no idea. The owner was doing nothing to intervene.

From there, it started to escalate. The Boxer was really upping his growls, circling Tyro and starting to flash teeth. Then the other male Vizsla ran over to join in. (Yes, there are Vizslas that have aggression problems.) Tyro is NOT an aggressive male and he was not the aggressor. It was the neutered Boxer that was preparing to fight. Other dogs ran over and were mobbing Tyro when they heard the increasingly loud growls. I knew it was going to turn into a dog fight if I didn't do something fast. I started screaming, "Call your dogs off!!!" while trying to protect Tyro and to prevent both of us from being bitten. Owners finally came running and an attack on Tyro was avoided. Poor Tyro was clinging to me, very shaken, as I was. We quickly left. I still don't know who owns the Boxer but if I see the owner, I shall give him/her a big piece of my mind, and the same for the Vizsla owner. The park rules state that aggressive dogs are not allowed. Will these dogs return? I suspect so. But we won't be back on a weekend, that's for sure.

10 February 2009

New RAE, RE & RN (rally) titles

Three of our dogs completed 3 more rally titles at the Suhuaro State Kennel Club's rally trials in Phoenix AZ. Elizabeth Packer and Gryphon earned his Rally Excellent (RE) title. My Nova finally earned her last 2 legs of her Rally Advanced-Excellent (RAE) title and Tyro (Cdn CH Varazs Naplete Tyrone) completed his Rally Novice title in 3 straight trials and earned 2 First place finishes. Although the AKC website showed Nova only needed 1 more leg for her RAE title, it was wrong and I knew she needed two. Fortunately, I entered her in 3 trials and she had Q's in 2 of the three. Whew!

Unfortunately, Miska had come into season and so I had to scratch her 6 entries at $29 US each which added up to a lot of money that I wasn't able to get back. She is working on her RAE title and for that, a dog has to compete in both the Advanced and Excellent classes in each trial. Oh well, that's life. Because of her heat, I didn't have Tyro's complete attention even removed from her proximity so I was very surprised when he managed to snag two first placements. And it was nice for Mom (Nova) and Son (Tyro) to finish their titles the same day. Way to go!

8 February 2009

The best veterans!

The Rio Salado Vizsla Club's veteran sweepstakes (Feb. 7, 2009) were sparsely attended in Phoenix AZ. Very sparsely in fact - only 3 veterans entered and two of them were my dogs. Traveling from California to visit us here in AZ was Elizabeth Packer who entered Gryphon (Am & Int'l CH Varazs Gryphon's Magical Mist JH CD RA) pictured at Right in the sweeps. I hadn't seen Elizabeth and Gryphon for a few years so it was wonderful to meet up with them again. Gryphon turns 8 on Feb. 21 and he is still so handsome with a beautiful dark, rich rust coat. He has a beautiful head and absolutely fantastic feet - probably the best cat feet I've ever seen on a Vizsla. And get this, in all the years Elizabeth has owned Gryphon, she's only had to trim his nails a couple of times when he was a puppy. His nails grow but they get worn down naturally. That's a dog owner's dream come true - and probably a Vizsla's too!

Back to the veteran sweeps . . . Gryphon was the only male veteran. My Nova (Cdn CH Ferngold Varazs Innovation JH, FDJ Am/Cdn CD, Cdn RA, Am RE, CGN) pictured at the left was one of only two female veterans. Well, she could have come 2nd out of two, but the judge, Mary Jane Mowry from Phoenix, liked her and gave her first. Gryphon and Nova then went up against one another and Ms Mowray picked Gryphon as Best Veteran and Nova as Best of Opposite. In both cases, I was the 'winner' being the breeder and/or owner of both dogs. But what was so nice to hear were the compliments from the judge who is an Irish Setter breeder. She loved both dogs and couldn't find enough nice things to say about them and commented that they were so much better than many of the Vizsla puppies she had just judged in the sweeps. That meant a lot. So here's to our veteran sweeps winners, Gryphon and Nova!

Diva's show debut

Well, Blaze isn't the only 'pretty dog' from our Ozzie-Miska litter to be a show dawg. His sister Diva who is swiftly becoming a 'Valley Girl', made her show debut in Phoenix, AZ on Feb. 5. She participated in 6 shows over 4 days. That's a lot for a puppy but she managed to take it all in stride. She won the Bred-By Exhibitor all 4 days (even beating another female on two of those days). She came 2nd out of 3 in the Vizsla 6-9 month puppy sweepstakes (and won her human mom some US dollars!). But the Rio Salada Vizsla Club's Specialty Show judge - whose name we won't even mention here - didn't like her at all and gave her last place in her class. Poop on him! Diva is still a little "bum-high" but has good forechest and angulation. Human-mom was very proud of Diva because Diva acted like she had been to dog shows all her life! She was calm, well behaved and stood still for the judge. Thanks to my friend, Elizabeth Packer from California, for taking these photos of Diva and me.

Diva free-stacking

Diva showing off her nice chest

Diva gaiting

A well-behaved model

Diva's ribbon haul (we don't like the yellow one)

7 February 2009

Blaze's first show

On January 31, Blaze (Varazs Kedves Quasar) who was out of our Ozzie-Miska litter born June 16, 2008 participated in his first conformation show in Calgary, Alberta. He was 7 months old and was the only male entered. His owners used a professional handler whose job was made easy because of the training that his owners have been doing to get him ready for the show scene. He didn't beat the other females but earned his first ribbons and was selected as Best of Opposite Sex to the female Best of Breed. Of course, I'm rather biased and think he's the best looking Vizsla there and should have won Best of Breed and Best of Winners. Nevertheless, the important things were that he had fun and behaved well!

6 February 2009

Jester - aging gracefully

Lorie Hrycuik who owns Jester (Varazs Starbuck's Moka Java TT) sent me two beautiful photos of him, taken in November 2008. Jester has one of the most gorgeous male Vizsla heads and even into his 14th year (he's 13.5 year old), he still looks very handsome. I hope he will be celebrating his 14th birthday in August.

3 February 2009

Dollars for Dogs campaign

WOW! i just read that the Dollars for Dogs campaign raised over $75,000, with $11,000 in donations being received in the first 3 days of the campaign from concerned dog owners in Canada and around the world. How fantastic is that? Absolutely FABULOUS!!! I hope that my post helped in some small way to raise awareness and perhaps some funds. We need to fight breed-specific legislation here and in other parts of the world.

New blog - Vancouver Island Vizsla Enthusiasts

My friend, Chrissie Diron, who along with her husband, Jens, owns and operates the Vital K9 Pool on Vancouver Is. (west coast of Canada), has just started a Blog for Vancouver Island Vizsla Enthusiasts. Check it out! Chrissie and Jens own Shandy, who is a female puppy from our Nova X Sasha breeding born June 26, 2003. Their pool facility is just incredible from the photos I've seen. I have only met Chrissie and Jens in person once and that was when we met up in the Okanagan Valley (on the mainland of British Columbia) as our paths serendipitously crossed for other reasons (us, a vacation; Chrissie & Jens travelling to a seminar). We didn't plan the meeting so how fortuitous was that? Our meeting was a couple of years ago. I hadn't seen Shandy since I put her on a plane at 10 weeks of age to travel to her new home so it was great to see her again and to meet her humans and the other Vizslas in the family. Although recent immigrants from England to Canada, Chrissie is very active in getting involved in the local community. So I hope there will be plenty of activity on the new blog!

More winter in store for Ontario, Canada

According to German superstition, if a hibernating animal sees its shadow on this day, February 2 – the Christian festival of Candlemas – winter will last another six weeks. If no shadow is seen, according to legend, spring will come early. Unfortunately Ontario, Canada - where I live - is in for another 6 weeks of winter according to Wiarton Willie, our local rodent forecaster. And it appears that this winter will rival last year's for one of the worst for record breaking snow and cold temperatures. http://www.nowpublic.com/environment/winter-hell-toronto-snowfall-may-break-70-year-old-record All I can say is, thank goodness we decided to spend two months of our winter in Arizona! But it looks like winter will still be there when we return home later this month if Wiarton Willie's prediction is accurate. Let's face it, winter always sticks around until March anyway, sometimes even into April, even when he doesn't see his shadow.

So while we have been enjoying lovely sunshine and spring temperatures in Arizona and it's easy to get dogs outdoors, back home it hasn't been the case. So what's does a Vizsla owner do to exercise their dog when it's bitterly cold and there's too much snow to walk through? Well, Corrine Sellars who owns Milo have been spending time indoors learning new sports and tricks.

2 February 2009

1998 litter turns 11, Feb 2.

It's called "Groundhog" day in Canada today (Feb. 2) and our small litter born February 2, 1998 also turned 11 years young! Happy Birthday puppies!! Everyday birthday past 10 is a blessing for most dogs and we are celebrating their achievement. And Groundhog day is the day that this stupid rodent is supposed to emerge from its burrow in the ground. If he sees his shadow, he predicts another 6 weeks of winter. If he doesn't see his shadow, spring will arrive earlier. Well, in Ontario Canada where I live, it almost always another 6 to 7 weeks of winter no matter what. So much for its ability to signal the end of winter.

Anyway, back to our Vizsla puppies born on Groundhog Day, Feb. 2, 1998. The parents were Am CH Legacy's Rhythm N Blues ("Rowdy") and Am/Can CH Maritza of Kezdet Nekah CD CGC ("Nekah") whom I miss dearly still. This was Nekah's 4th and last litter. Here are photos of two of the dogs from that litter, Bartok and Amber. Amber celebrated with pizza (her favourite food) and Bartok had a nice walk with his dad, Oliver. May you celebrate many more B-Days.

Here's Amber.

Below is

Bartok's family will soon be moving from British Columbia to Calgary, Alberta where he will be closer to his sister Amber. Bartok also has 2 other relatives in Alberta, Polo (a 3rd cousin I figure) and Blaze, a great-grand nephew. Kinda hard to figure out these doggie relationships at times but they are related through our
Nekah and her son, Sasha. I have to stop and try to figure it all out and I'm the breeder!

Lots of love from breeder mom.