8 February 2009

Diva's show debut

Well, Blaze isn't the only 'pretty dog' from our Ozzie-Miska litter to be a show dawg. His sister Diva who is swiftly becoming a 'Valley Girl', made her show debut in Phoenix, AZ on Feb. 5. She participated in 6 shows over 4 days. That's a lot for a puppy but she managed to take it all in stride. She won the Bred-By Exhibitor all 4 days (even beating another female on two of those days). She came 2nd out of 3 in the Vizsla 6-9 month puppy sweepstakes (and won her human mom some US dollars!). But the Rio Salada Vizsla Club's Specialty Show judge - whose name we won't even mention here - didn't like her at all and gave her last place in her class. Poop on him! Diva is still a little "bum-high" but has good forechest and angulation. Human-mom was very proud of Diva because Diva acted like she had been to dog shows all her life! She was calm, well behaved and stood still for the judge. Thanks to my friend, Elizabeth Packer from California, for taking these photos of Diva and me.

Diva free-stacking

Diva showing off her nice chest

Diva gaiting

A well-behaved model

Diva's ribbon haul (we don't like the yellow one)

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  1. Diva looks fantastic ! This litter really turned out excellent. Long legs, athletic bodies, radiant personalities. These puppies are meant to be dog-models. They are very photogenic. If they are judges out there who does not like these vizslas,oh well, maybe they just don't know how a real vizsla supposed to look.
    Congratulations for the first shows.