3 February 2009

New blog - Vancouver Island Vizsla Enthusiasts

My friend, Chrissie Diron, who along with her husband, Jens, owns and operates the Vital K9 Pool on Vancouver Is. (west coast of Canada), has just started a Blog for Vancouver Island Vizsla Enthusiasts. Check it out! Chrissie and Jens own Shandy, who is a female puppy from our Nova X Sasha breeding born June 26, 2003. Their pool facility is just incredible from the photos I've seen. I have only met Chrissie and Jens in person once and that was when we met up in the Okanagan Valley (on the mainland of British Columbia) as our paths serendipitously crossed for other reasons (us, a vacation; Chrissie & Jens travelling to a seminar). We didn't plan the meeting so how fortuitous was that? Our meeting was a couple of years ago. I hadn't seen Shandy since I put her on a plane at 10 weeks of age to travel to her new home so it was great to see her again and to meet her humans and the other Vizslas in the family. Although recent immigrants from England to Canada, Chrissie is very active in getting involved in the local community. So I hope there will be plenty of activity on the new blog!


  1. We are 2 Maltese dogs and we must say Two Paws Up! for these byutiful piktures! And while we have never been to Vancouver we love to take advenchurs even tho we got in trubble for the time we borrowed the credit cards to do it but maybe we will be able to hit the road and come all the way there negst time! Love Your PaLs, LuLu and LoLLy! http://www.luluandlolly.com

  2. LuLu & LoLLy - many thanks for your virtual visits!