2 February 2009

1998 litter turns 11, Feb 2.

It's called "Groundhog" day in Canada today (Feb. 2) and our small litter born February 2, 1998 also turned 11 years young! Happy Birthday puppies!! Everyday birthday past 10 is a blessing for most dogs and we are celebrating their achievement. And Groundhog day is the day that this stupid rodent is supposed to emerge from its burrow in the ground. If he sees his shadow, he predicts another 6 weeks of winter. If he doesn't see his shadow, spring will arrive earlier. Well, in Ontario Canada where I live, it almost always another 6 to 7 weeks of winter no matter what. So much for its ability to signal the end of winter.

Anyway, back to our Vizsla puppies born on Groundhog Day, Feb. 2, 1998. The parents were Am CH Legacy's Rhythm N Blues ("Rowdy") and Am/Can CH Maritza of Kezdet Nekah CD CGC ("Nekah") whom I miss dearly still. This was Nekah's 4th and last litter. Here are photos of two of the dogs from that litter, Bartok and Amber. Amber celebrated with pizza (her favourite food) and Bartok had a nice walk with his dad, Oliver. May you celebrate many more B-Days.

Here's Amber.

Below is

Bartok's family will soon be moving from British Columbia to Calgary, Alberta where he will be closer to his sister Amber. Bartok also has 2 other relatives in Alberta, Polo (a 3rd cousin I figure) and Blaze, a great-grand nephew. Kinda hard to figure out these doggie relationships at times but they are related through our
Nekah and her son, Sasha. I have to stop and try to figure it all out and I'm the breeder!

Lots of love from breeder mom.

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