30 September 2013

"Sistas" over 3 years

Sisters Katya and Miska from our 2003 litter, taken in Ithaca NY over the past 3 years when I went to the Wine Circuit shows in Romulus, NY.

September 2013

L-R: Katya & Miska
September 2012

Katya, Miska

October 2010

Katya, Miska

Oh how I love to see Katya each time I go to this show!

23 September 2013

Happy ending!

Rufus has found his second forever home!

Rufus as a young dog

I am thrilled and delighted that 9.5-year old Rufus, a.k.a. CH(ampion) Blackbullets Varazs Grof Rufus, a grand-dog to our beloved foundation bitch, Nekah, has been successfully placed in a new home following the death of his human dad.  Initially, my concern was whether he had an issue with human males because of his negative reaction to my husband and step-son but I was given assurances he had never had problems before with males although I later learned he did try to bite one of the police officers who was in attendance at the home where his owner had died. (If only dogs could talk and tell us what they are thinking and feeling!)  

Here are a few more pictures of Rufus while he hung out at my place for a week.

Getting sleepy

Cuddling up with Tyro (at the top)


Rufus and I saying farewell.
Rufus met his new potential 'dad' two weeks ago and took to him immediately so that was exceedingly good news! 

After being taken to what was to become his second forever home, Rufus met Molly and got along well with her although the play was a little rough at first.  

And then there was the resident cat.  That was another concern but after about a week to 10 days of distant 'getting to know you', it appears Rufus has accepted the cat and vice versa.

Rufus with his new animal family
Thanks to Ray Murdoch, Rufus' new dad for some of these photos and the two videos which show Rufus pretty happy.

I love happy endings!

18 September 2013

Wonderful Weekend

Last weekend (September 13-15), I tried (and succeeded) to be in two different towns on the same days (Saturday and Sunday) to participate in dog events with three different dogs.  Because of the schedules and timing, it worked!!!  We had a very successful weekend overall.

Miss Elsie
(now aka CH Varazs Kedvesem Grand Finale)


Elsie was Reserve Winners bitch on Friday at the Oakville Kennel Club's show but came back on Saturday to take Winners Bitch, Best of Winners and Best of Breed for 3 points.  AND the judge, Marjorie Mortrrella from the US, pulled Elsie out in the sporting group too.  Marjoried commented that she is "a very pretty bitch".  It was a nice way to finish Elsie's championship.

Congratulations to Best of Breed - Charlie! 

Congratulations to Elsie's littermate / brother, Charlie (Varazs Kedvesem Final Frontier), who picked up 3 more points towards his Championship over the weekend at the Oakville show after taking Best of Opposite Sex on Friday over a Grand Champion for 1 point and Winners Dog, Best of Winners and Best of Breed on Sunday for 2 more points!  Now he is sitting on the 'dreaded 9' meaning he needs only 1 point to finish.  We call it the 'dreaded 9' because it can sometimes take a long time to get that final point.

Charlie taking Best of Breed under Mexican judge Dr. I. Castro
new UKC Agility title holder -

And lastly, Diva and I participated in United Kennel Club agility trials in Puslinch Ontario and she earned her Agility Level 1 title with scores of 196, 198 and 199 out of 200.  Diva is the first dog ever to earn a UKC agility title in Ontario (and possibly Canada) since this was the very first UKC agility trial held in this province (and possibly this country).  She earned 3 first places finishes and a High in Trial on Sunday. (Yes, the UKC gives out HIT rosettes for agility although this club didn't have the rosettes to give out that day.)  This was Diva's 18th title!!  She's now officially known as CKC/Int'l/UKC CH Varazs Kedves Quickstep CKC: FDJ, AgNJ, AGI, RN, PCD, CGN, AKC: JH, NA, NAJ, RN, CGC UKC: URO1, CA, AGI

Diva with her owner/handler & the judge, Peggy Stutz from MI

14 September 2013

Versatile Vizsla

Diva - 
new UKC Coursing Ability (CA) title 
and titled now in six disciplines!

  1. Conformation  (UKC, CKC, Int'l)
  2. Field (CKC, AKC)
  3. Rally-obedience (CKC, AKC & UKC)
  4. Obedience (CKC)
  5. Agility (CKC, AKC)
  6. Lure coursing (UKC)
Diva showing below just how excited she is to run a lure course!

 Here's her third qualifying run on September 2, 2013 at the United Greyhound Club's coursing ability test.

12 September 2013

Rufus Reunion

Rufus (CH Blackbullets Varazs Grof Rufus), a senior Vizsla born February 2, 2004 whose owners are now both dead, came to stay with me for several days this past week while I assessed him and helped the breeders find his new forever home.

I am pleased to say he is a wonderful dog! He's in great shape - perhaps a mere 1-2 pounds overweight (I wish I was so lucky!!) and from his records, he seems to be very healthy.  Part of one toe - to just above the nail - was amputated, there is one small fatty lipoma on his chest and he has some black spots on his eyelids. I will discuss these with his vet as they can be malignant, but not always.  Rufus was wearing an anti-bark collar when I picked him up. Rufus was, understandably, stressed to have his owner die as he was living alone with him at the time of the owners death.  I hadn't seen him in about 7 years and doubt that he remembered me at all.  His owners always brought him to the dog shows when I showed him so he never stayed with me.

Day 1 -  At my place, he was introduced to his slightly older cousin, Miska and our other two Vizslas.  Miska and Rufus share the same maternal grandmother (Am/Can Ch Maritza of Kezdet Nekah Am/Can CD CGC) which makes them cousins. Miska is 7 months older than Rufus; Rufus is now 9.5 yr.  I wasn't sure about Rufus' recalls so I kept him firmly and safely on a Flexi to ensure he didn't run away. He didn't really respond well to his name or to a recall command but I chalk that up to too many distractions and stress.  Rufus DOES love treats and does love to eat and his appetite certainly wasn't affected.  A dog after my own heart!!

Day 2 - Rufus cried a couple of times in his crate overnight. Strange place, still strange smells but he quickly settled until about 8 AM. He was much more relaxed today.  Rufus was an only dog so it's taking him a little time to get used to 3 other Vizslas, all similar in size.  Rufus was friends with a Cocker Spaniel but Vizslas, as we know, are different.  He's had to tell my dogs to give him some space and that's OK.

Day 3 and beyond  - Rufus is settling in better with me and my dogs. His only problem is, he does not seem to like my husband very much.  This is causing some concern, especially for my husband.  From all the reports we received from his family and an acquaintance of mine who owns Vizslas and who occasionally met up with Rufus and his owner at a local dog park, Rufus has always been good with other people, males and females. and dogs.  So at this point, I am chalking up this behaviour towards my husband as something that isn't ingrained in him (likely due to the sudden death of his owner and the stress and grief he's going through) and hopefully, he will become positive towards males again.  He's a very smart Vizsla (already learning self-control and other new behaviours) so I am very confident his faith in men will be restored.

Here are some photos and videos of Rufus.

Rufus at the back, with Diva (L) and Tyro (R)

Rufus with his relatives: cousin Miska, Tyro, Diva

Tyro, Miska, Diva and Rufus

6 September 2013

Ain't it Grand?

Congratulations to Bodi (2011 litter out of Brick & Miska) and his hu-mom for earning his 
Canadian Kennel Club GRAND CHAMPION title!!

New Grand Champion!!

Bodi is the first Varazs-bred dog to earn this Canadian title since the CKC introduced the new titling changes on January 1, 2013. Another Varazs-bred dog, Andras (2008 litter out of Ozzie & Miska), earned an American Kennel Club Grand Champion title in 2011.

Bodi is now known as BIS (UKC), CKC/UKC CH, CKC GCH Varazs Mokany Kiralyi Orban FDJ, JH, RN, URO1, CGN, UKC CA, NAVHDA NA PZ I.  At two years of age, Bodi has accomplished more than most dogs do in a lifetime!! Thanks to his owner for giving Bodi such a rich and varied life!

4 September 2013

Senior Vizsla needs new "forever" home

Rufus is a 9.5 year old neutered male Vizsla in search of a new forever home due to the deaths of his owners.  A few years ago, he lost his hu-mom and this past Sunday, his beloved hu-dad  died unexpectedly at the age of 74.  Rufus is presently located in Ontario, Canada.  He is out of my lines and goes back to CH Varazs On Point at Blackbullet "Amber" whom I bred in 1998 and placed with Sherryanne Farr and Wes Daniels in Alberta, Canada who bred Rufus.

The photo below was taken of Rufus in 2004.  I don't have any recent pics of Rufus but most likely he has white on him now due to natural aging.  As far as we know, Rufus has had no health issues.

If you are interested in adopting Rufus as a family companion and giving him his second forever home, please contact Sherryanne Farr directly.  Her contact information can be found on her website at: http://www.freewebs.com/blackbulletsdogs/contactinformation.htm

Post Script (Sept. 6/13). We believe we have found a new forever home for Rufus but I still need to get Rufus and then introduce him to his potential new family.

3 September 2013

Will's Wild Weekend


Will(iam), a.k.a. Varazs Kedvesem Final Legacy from our 2011 litter, spent 3.5 days with us over the Labour Day weekend. I had only seen Will once since he went to his new home at 8 weeks of age, so I was thrilled to get to know him as a two-year-old dog.  I decided to make it a really fun weekend for him.  After all, when "Grandma" (me) does a dog's nails, teeth and bathes him, something has to make up for those 'hardships'! LOL

So, on this weekend, Will went to a United Kennel Club (UKC) dog show, his first show ever!!  Below, it's not a perfect stack, but he was quite a natural at this 'beauty show' stuff.  Will came home with his first dog show ribbons and some UKC points!

The biggest and best fun, however, was Lure Coursing!!  Will had never done before either!

Day 1, Lure Coursing

I gave Will a practice run for his very first time on a course and he was perfect!!! Unfortunately, that practice run didn't count towards his title.  :-(

Will, watching the coursing from a comfortable spot.

That's a bunny??

Watching how the greyhounds do it

At the end of the practice run, he went to check out the 'bunnies' and got a little spooked by what they were - plastic bags.  When it came time to do his official run, he started off well but then turned around about 1/3 of the way through and didn't return to the lures.  No Q (Qualifying score) on Day 1.

Day 2, Lure Coursing

Will started off the course really well, and then did what any bird dog is bred to do - he POINTED the "bunny". And then, he abandoned the course and ran back to me.  He was more confident getting closer to the bunnies but didn't attack them (which is strongly encouraged by the judges!!).  I gave him two more practice runs and he wasn't perfect but he was improved so I decided to plunk down money for Day 3's test.

Will in a classic point with his L front leg lifted

Getting a little up close and personal with the 'bunny'.  Hmm, this doesn't smell like a rabbit!

Day 3, Lure Coursing

Will was definitely getting more excited by the coursing.  Last night, I "practiced" getting him all excited about a white plastic bag brought one with me to the test to tease Will and that really helped!! The weather was by and large, much cooler than the previous 2 days, although still quite humid.

On his first run, which if he did well, it would be Will's test run and if not, it would be his practice - LOL.  Will started out really well - YES!! And then he stopped and pointed!  Aarrggh.  If this were a field/hunt test, I would be jumping up and down for joy!! But it's a lure course where the dog is expected to chase (exactly what we don't want them to do in field tests).  Anyway, he wandered off a bit but then the light bulb went off in his head and he returned to the lures and started to chase them and went all the way around the course!  Whooppee!! But did Will pass?

Yes he did!!
We had an opportunity to do a practice run after getting his Q just to give him more experience.  I really wanted to video it for Will's owners and since my regular video camera wasn't focussing properly, I filmed it on my IPod. As a result, there is no zooming but at least it's clear(er).  And now Will has NO fear of those plastic bunnies any more!!

 Will - last run of the day (literally!)

Was this fun Will?

I think so!  Mission accomplished!