23 September 2013

Happy ending!

Rufus has found his second forever home!

Rufus as a young dog

I am thrilled and delighted that 9.5-year old Rufus, a.k.a. CH(ampion) Blackbullets Varazs Grof Rufus, a grand-dog to our beloved foundation bitch, Nekah, has been successfully placed in a new home following the death of his human dad.  Initially, my concern was whether he had an issue with human males because of his negative reaction to my husband and step-son but I was given assurances he had never had problems before with males although I later learned he did try to bite one of the police officers who was in attendance at the home where his owner had died. (If only dogs could talk and tell us what they are thinking and feeling!)  

Here are a few more pictures of Rufus while he hung out at my place for a week.

Getting sleepy

Cuddling up with Tyro (at the top)


Rufus and I saying farewell.
Rufus met his new potential 'dad' two weeks ago and took to him immediately so that was exceedingly good news! 

After being taken to what was to become his second forever home, Rufus met Molly and got along well with her although the play was a little rough at first.  

And then there was the resident cat.  That was another concern but after about a week to 10 days of distant 'getting to know you', it appears Rufus has accepted the cat and vice versa.

Rufus with his new animal family
Thanks to Ray Murdoch, Rufus' new dad for some of these photos and the two videos which show Rufus pretty happy.

I love happy endings!


  1. So happy for Rufus! He's looks like an exception Vizsla & is lucky to have found a great second home.

  2. We are so lucky that Ray and Judy could take him and have experience with dogs who have had such a loss. Thank you so much for going and getting him and enabling him to pass to Ray and Judy! He is a great boy - a real good representative of the Varazs dogs lines we are so proud to have as our foundations dog!.