31 January 2013


Hey, do these glasses make me look young or too old?  A star or frumpy like a librarian?



30 January 2013

Where's the tea?

Tyro & Miska try to squeeze into 1 chair

May I have another cup of tea?  [Diva]

What a life!

22 January 2013

Smiles instead of tears

BPIG* Am/Can CH Varazs Kiraly Sassy Sasha Am/Can CDX, FDJ, Am RE, Am RAE, TT, CGC, CGN
 December 31, 1992 - January 22, 2008 

6 weeks old

This day, five years ago, I said farewell to my beloved Sasha.  Hardly a day goes by when I don't think of him.  They say time heals all wounds and grief and they (whoever they are) are correct.  I can finally think about him with more smiles than tears - although I still shed some of those because I still miss him terribly.

Sasha was my heart dog.  He loved me unconditionally and so much that he would stress out so much if anyone else merely held his leash while I was elsewhere.  And I loved him back - unconditionally - because he could do no wrong.  He loved other dogs and was so good with all of them, especially puppies.  He never got into a fight and he remained intact until well into his old age.  And of course, he loved people too.  When Sasha was competing for his Rally titles in the US starting at the age of 12, he inspired others to get involved again with their senior dogs and that was a wonderful thing to know. His wonderful spirit lives on in his many kids, grandkids and great grandkids.

Here 's to over 15 years of wonderful memories with my Sasha. Gone but never forgotten.  Until we meet again at the other side of The Rainbow Bridge.

A look back at Sasha

* Best Puppy in Group


13 January 2013

Farewell Kosmo

CH Szuni's Rising Star FD ADC CGC 

Am/Can CH Varazs Kiraly Sassy Sasha Am/Can CDX FDJ TT CGC ("Sasha") ex CH Pozsony Csongrad Lucy CDX FDX AGN CGC TD ("Lucy")

July 25, 1999 - January 12, 2013 

Beautiful Kosmo

Snippets of Kosmo's life

Owners Arlana and Lars Taylor and breeder Susan Scobie (Szuni Reg'd) of British Columbia said farewell to Kosmo yesterday in her 14th year.  Kosmo was a beautiful Vizsla sired by my Sasha.  My heart breaks for Kosmo's owners who were absolutely devoted to her and who are now devastated by her death. Thank you to Kosmo's owners for giving such great love and care to a Sasha-daughter.

“Dogs are our link to paradise. They don't know evil or jealousy or discontent. To sit with a dog on a hillside on a glorious afternoon is to be back in Eden, where doing nothing was not boring--it was peace.”
Milan Kundera

6 January 2013

2012 in review

In addition to the great year I had with my 3 Vizslas, several of my puppy buyers did very well with their dogs too in 2012.  I want to thank them and acknowledge their dogs here.  Congratulations on your Vizsla's many accomplishments!!  This first dog listed is Miska's sister and the rest are a few of Miska's puppies from her 2008 and 2011 litters).

  • CH Varazs Artemis Vizsandy CD AGN AGI RE, "Shandy", earned her Rally Excellent title and was #3 Vizsla in Rally Obedience in Canada for 2012
  • CH Varazs Kedves Quasar NAVHDA NA Prize III, CD "Blaze" - new Companion Dog (CD) title
  • BIS (UKC), CKC/UKC CH Varazs Mokany Kiralyi Orban FDJ JH URO1 CGN NAVHDA NA PZ I "Bodi" - 7 new titles & Best in Show - CKC & UKC Champion, Field Dog Jr., Jr Hunter, NAVHDA Natural Ability, Canine Good Citizen, plus several 'tricks titles' and that prestigious Best in Show!
  • Varazs Kedvesem Final Dance PCD, CGN, CKC & CARO RN "Stella" - 4 new titles!  Pre-Companion Dog, Canine Good Neighbour, CKC & CARO Rally Novice
  • Varazs Kedvesem Grand Finale "Elsie"- 6 CKC Champion points and was Best of Opposite Sex in Puppy Sweeps at the Vizsla Society of Ontario's 2012 Specialty Show
  • Varazs Kedvesem Final Frontier "Charlie" - 6 CKC Champion points

All reputable and caring Vizsla breeders strive to do is produce talented, intelligent, good looking Vizsla puppies which perpetuate the qualities they were originally bred for, and more.  They then turn the puppy over to the new owner with the hope the new owner will devote lots of time and attention to the dog's physical AND mental well-being.

The Vizsla was bred to be a versatile hunting dog and while many/most people don't hunt with their Vizslas, the hunting (i.e., working) instinct is still very strong in this breed and they will hunt on their own when given any chance. Like all working breeds and intelligent beings, Vizslas thrive when they have a 'job' to do.  Jobs these days are training and competing for titles in a variety of organizations which can put their brains and talents to work.  A working dog is a happier and often healthier dog.  Studies have shown, just like in people, that dogs who continually learn new behaviours stave off canine cognitive dysfunction (i.e., Alzheimer's disease).  I love the following and while it's published on my website, I think it's appropriate to repeat it here.

 What is a Title Really?

    "Not just a brag, not just a stepping stone to a higher title, not just an adjunct to competitive scores; a title is a tribute to the dog that bears it, a way to honour the dog, an ultimate memorial. It will remain in the record and in the memory, for about as long as anything in this world can remain.

    And though the dog himself doesn't know or care that his achievements have been noted, a title says many things in the world of humans, where such things count.

    A title says your dog was intelligent, adaptable, and good-natured. It says that your dog loved you enough to do the things that please you, however crazy they may have sometimes seemed.

    In addition, a title says that you love your dog. That you loved to spend time with him because he was a good dog and that you believed in him enough to give him yet another chance when he failed and in the end your faith was justified.

    A title proves that your dog inspired you to that special relationship enjoyed by so few; that in a world of disposable creatures, this dog with a title was greatly loved, and loved greatly in return.

    And when that dear short life is over, the title remains as a memorial of the finest kind, the best you can give to a deserving friend. Volumes of praise in one small set of initials after the name.

    A title is nothing less that the true love and respect, given and received and recorded permanently."

    Author Unknown

5 January 2013


Pointing is a hard-wired instinct in Vizslas and so it was that Miska locked on point while on one of our walks . . . .

and this is what she was pointing. 

OK - it wasn't real but it sure looked life-like to her!!!