3 September 2013

Will's Wild Weekend


Will(iam), a.k.a. Varazs Kedvesem Final Legacy from our 2011 litter, spent 3.5 days with us over the Labour Day weekend. I had only seen Will once since he went to his new home at 8 weeks of age, so I was thrilled to get to know him as a two-year-old dog.  I decided to make it a really fun weekend for him.  After all, when "Grandma" (me) does a dog's nails, teeth and bathes him, something has to make up for those 'hardships'! LOL

So, on this weekend, Will went to a United Kennel Club (UKC) dog show, his first show ever!!  Below, it's not a perfect stack, but he was quite a natural at this 'beauty show' stuff.  Will came home with his first dog show ribbons and some UKC points!

The biggest and best fun, however, was Lure Coursing!!  Will had never done before either!

Day 1, Lure Coursing

I gave Will a practice run for his very first time on a course and he was perfect!!! Unfortunately, that practice run didn't count towards his title.  :-(

Will, watching the coursing from a comfortable spot.

That's a bunny??

Watching how the greyhounds do it

At the end of the practice run, he went to check out the 'bunnies' and got a little spooked by what they were - plastic bags.  When it came time to do his official run, he started off well but then turned around about 1/3 of the way through and didn't return to the lures.  No Q (Qualifying score) on Day 1.

Day 2, Lure Coursing

Will started off the course really well, and then did what any bird dog is bred to do - he POINTED the "bunny". And then, he abandoned the course and ran back to me.  He was more confident getting closer to the bunnies but didn't attack them (which is strongly encouraged by the judges!!).  I gave him two more practice runs and he wasn't perfect but he was improved so I decided to plunk down money for Day 3's test.

Will in a classic point with his L front leg lifted

Getting a little up close and personal with the 'bunny'.  Hmm, this doesn't smell like a rabbit!

Day 3, Lure Coursing

Will was definitely getting more excited by the coursing.  Last night, I "practiced" getting him all excited about a white plastic bag brought one with me to the test to tease Will and that really helped!! The weather was by and large, much cooler than the previous 2 days, although still quite humid.

On his first run, which if he did well, it would be Will's test run and if not, it would be his practice - LOL.  Will started out really well - YES!! And then he stopped and pointed!  Aarrggh.  If this were a field/hunt test, I would be jumping up and down for joy!! But it's a lure course where the dog is expected to chase (exactly what we don't want them to do in field tests).  Anyway, he wandered off a bit but then the light bulb went off in his head and he returned to the lures and started to chase them and went all the way around the course!  Whooppee!! But did Will pass?

Yes he did!!
We had an opportunity to do a practice run after getting his Q just to give him more experience.  I really wanted to video it for Will's owners and since my regular video camera wasn't focussing properly, I filmed it on my IPod. As a result, there is no zooming but at least it's clear(er).  And now Will has NO fear of those plastic bunnies any more!!

 Will - last run of the day (literally!)

Was this fun Will?

I think so!  Mission accomplished!

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  1. Well done William! It's a tough life being a dog, especially when you get to have FUN!!