27 February 2009


OMG, it's cold outside! Awoke to freezing temps in Tulsa, OK. Literally freezing - 32 deg F/0 deg C. Our hu-mum had to bundle up in her fleece jacket to take us outside to do our business. We didn't have any coats but she was still shivering away. Now she knows why so many people say "hurry up" to their dogs to do their business!!!

Okay, okay - we've all acclimatized to Arizona temps after only 2 months. So why, oh why, are our humans taking us back to the cold in Ontario? Something about a famous opera star who's coming to sing in Toronto on March 1 and they have tickets. Her name is Cecilia Bartoli and she's THE most famous modern opera diva of modern times and they bought tickets to hear her months and months ago and didn't want to miss her because it's a once in a lifetime chance. So that's why we're coming home now and not a month from now. If it were up to us Vizslas, we'd have stayed in AZ until April. it wasn't our choice to come back to cold Canada.

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  1. Welcome back to cold Canada!!