2 March 2009

Miska's trophy

Yippee, we dogs are happy to be home so we can run off leash in the woods! But brrrrrrm it sure is cold in Ontario! Our people aren't happy to be home though. Hu-mom took us for a walk on Sunday just in the neighboring conservation property by our house. It was only for about 50 minutes since it was so bitterly cold. On our way back, I (Miska), disappeared into the woods 'cause I could smell something interesting (my nose is pretty darn good). Remember, I haven't been able to hunt for over 2 months when in Arizona so I was pretty excited to be able to let me nose take me places again. I surprised my hu-mom by bringing her a deer leg! She was shocked and didn't know what to say, except for "good girlie Miska!", but she let me carry it all the way home (about 1/2 mile) because she didn't have a large enough plastic bag to put it in. (If we bring her animal parts, she usually thanks us by giving us a cookie & then she puts the parts in a plastic bag and takes them home & puts them in the trash. What a waste but at least we get a cookie for our troubles.) Well, I didn't drop the leg once and it was a long way home. Tyro and Diva wanted to take it away from me, but I didn't let them. I had to hop over trees and logs and big rocks and sometimes the leg got twisted around but I still didn't drop it. See how proud I am of my "trophy"? Hmmm, I wonder what mom did with it?

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  1. Miska, you are an incredible hunter!