4 March 2009

Where's Tyro's CH Certificate?

It's now been 7 months since Tyro completed the requirements for his Cdn Championship but he still hasn't received his certificate from the Canadian Kennel Club. I keep pretty meticulous records of my dogs' wins and passes so I was able to construct a list of all the shows he been to, the dates, his wins and the points he accumulated. And to be sure I hadn't made a mistake, I spent a few hours today perusing the CKC's dreadful online system of show results to verify that my records were accurate. When I say dreadful, it's because it takes far too many clicks and screens to get to the information one needs and the way it's set up, past link selections aren't highlighted so you don't know if you've previously visited a page. And once you get to the desired screen, it doesn't actually indicate the date of the show so if you're looking at multiple days of showing for a particular club, it's very easy to lose track of what you've viewed and what you haven't. And, the download speed is dreadful. The CKC's online published results can be far worse because the files are HUGE and take an extremely long time to download for folks who have dial-up Internet. Anyway, I faxed the CKC a letter and now I'll wait to see how fast they respond.

The AKC on the other hand, is exceptionally speedy at processing show and trial results. I know they have already processed Tyro's scores for his rally title earned in February and that his certificate is in the mail, less than one month after the trials took place. Actually, Nova's AKC RAE certificate reached me early this week, less than 4 weeks after she finished her title, even allowing for mail to move between two countries. Now that's FAST! And the AKC's online system is so much better laid out and organized than the CKC. PLUS, it's open to the general public whereas the CKC restricts its show/trials results to CKC members only. How petty. Well, that's my rant for the day!


  1. I can't agree with you more re: the CKC's results system. It's a pain to use & it is very petty of the CKC not to make their results 'public'. It seems the CKC is not interested in feedback.

  2. Shandy's CKC RN certificate arrived not long ago, but that was also 3 months after attaining her title! Her CARO RA certificate was here far faster. We are NOT impressed with the CKC in all respects. Such a shame that we have no other real event organisations in this part of the world. CARO has all but dried up now - we have only AAC agility other than that.


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