7 March 2009

Mystery ailment

Whatever affected our dogs the day we departed Arizona, seems to have returned. First Nova began throwing up Thursday night. This time, I took Nova to see our vet. She really was under the weather, not herself at all. We drew blood; he gave her a shot for nausea & sent me home with more pills for nausea. Thankfully, her blood work was all normal. Then Tyro vomited in his crate overnight. And then when Miska vomited her breakfast, I took both of them, Tyro & Miska, to see the vet on Saturday. So far, only Diva has been spared but she is now on meds prophylactically.

They say, "know your dog", and I sure do. I am tuned into just the slightest change in their behaviour. It's not as easy with a puppy or young dog such as Diva but with Nova & Miska and Tyro, the signs are more obvious to me. Tyro slept all day in our den and didn't get up to follow me room to room with a toy in his mouth. Tonight, despite an injection of an anti-nausea drug, Miska hasn't been herself. She didn't go around the kitchen picking up dog bowls after their meals as she absolutely loves to do. This has been Miska's twice daily routine established before her dad, Sasha, died in January 2008. When she doesn't want to do her job, I know she's not feeling well.

Nova is definitely feeling herself again; Tyro is improving. But tonight it will be Miska's turn to sleep in mom & dad's bedroom as she's still not 100%. Most likely this is some kind of virus that is spreading amongst our dogs but I've never seen them this 'under the weather' before from something like a stomach bug.

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