3 March 2009

Mila, the wonder Vizsla!

Mila (M-OTCH Szuni's Shooting Star UD FDX TD AGN AGI AGDC AADC CGC) who is a daughter of our beloved Sasha (Am/Cdn Ch Varazs Kiraly Sassy Sasha Am/Cdn CDX, Am RAE, FDJ, CGC, CGN) recently earned two more agility titles from the Agility Association of Canada:

Advanced Agility Dog of Canada (AADC), January 22, 2009
Advanced Game Dog of Canada (AGDC), November, 2008

Congratulations Susan and Mila! Mila isn't quite 10 years old but she's still going strong and these are her 14th and 15th titles. She's still burns up the agility course and is usually much faster than dogs half her age. Susan Scobie, Mila's owner & breeder, and I both hope she'll follow in her dad's paw steps and keep competing in something well into her old age as did Sasha (earning his Am RAE in his 15th year). Here's a photo of Mila at a younger age, doing the weaves. Mila is an 'awesome pawsome".

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  1. Keep burning up the agility courses Mila & Susan!