16 March 2009

Gunner's visit, Part 3

It takes at least one day for a dog to settle in and Gunner has clearly done just that. After his 2nd full day here, he slept through the night and never made a peep in his crate. He was quiet until I let him out in the morning. Getting a leash on him to take him outdoors with him getting all excited and peeing is still a little bit of a challenge. I seem to have that effect on him and his brother Quest who pees every time he sees me. Anyway, today Gunner was a different dog; more calm and relaxed. It was nice outdoors so I took him and Tyro on an hour's leash walk. Gunner likes to pick up something in his mouth and carry it home. Yesterday he did his part in cleaning up the environment by picking up a coffee cup; today it was a stick.

And Donna, if you're reading this while sipping Mai Tais in Jamaica, you'll be thrilled to read how perfectly behaved Gunner was for his pedicure! Wow, what a difference from the time you brought him over for me to help you trim his nails when he was about 3 months old. No longer is he doing his best to imitate a dog struggling and screaming from being cut up live into bits for goulash. I sure remember his theatrics. Today he lay quietly and allowed me to clip each nail (the front ones were a little too long still but you and/or Scott are doing a great job) without struggling or grumbling. Nor did I have to restrain him at all and he didn't try to run away. It was such a pleasure!

Today he didn't try to dive into the food bowls of the other dogs while they were eating. I figured his stomach would be OK after vomitting his dinner last night now that his stomach no longer contains foot apparel. No, I didn't try to wash the sock Gunner regurgitated. It's in the garbage.

We did some more shaping and also playing Susan Garrett's "It's Yer Choice" game and he was choosing to abstain from eating the treats that were resting on his paws until I told him it was all right. Tomorrow I'll try the game with some socks. And he gets along so well with Tyro and loves playing with Diva. What a great dog you are Gunner! Still gotta get some photos of you though!

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  1. Like brothers...Blaze loves to have a stick in his mouth to carry around on walks too. Sometimes even a 4 foot long one.