7 March 2009

Blaze & Piper update

Blaze (Varazs Kedves Quasar) was in his second weekend of shows recently. IMO from the photos that his humans sent me, he looks stunning & moves well, even though he wasn't awarded Winners Dog; he took Reserve Winners (runner up) instead. Aaah, the joys of showing dogs.

From Blaze, Calgary show

And pretty Piper (Varazs Kedves Quinn) and her young human, increasingly pretty Rae Brynn, recently graduated from their third set of puppy obedience classes. They make a great team! Rae Brynn shows cows at agricultural shows as one of her hobbies. I'm hoping to encourage Rae to show Piper in conformation since handling a dog is a whole lot easier than handling an ornery cow! Here are some photos of Rae & Piper together.

From Piper graduates Puppy 3

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