22 March 2009

4 titles in 3 months!

Wow, Corrine and Milo are doing fantastic work in rally and obedience since the start of 2009! This past Saturday, they earned yet another title - their Cdn Kennel Club Rally Advanced (RA) title plus 2 legs towards Milo's Rally Excellent title. How awesome! Given all the issues Corrine was having with his loss of confidence etc. in the past 18+ months, Milo has made a spectacular recovery and accomplished wonderful things lately.

They completed their CKC Rally Advanced title with two scores of 91/100. And in their first Rally Excellent trial on Sunday, they faced that challenging "backing up 3 steps" exercise which Milo performed perfectly but Corrine took an extra step and for that they lost 10 points. She decided not to try to repeat the exercise and confuse Milo because HE had done it so well. It was a handler error which resulted in a 10 point loss; otherwise, they would have had scored 99/100! In their 2ns trial, they scored 92/100. Great scores! I know how difficult the backing-up exercise is and I don't think Sasha or Nova have ever successfully performed it in the ring.

Anyway, that's 4 titles earned since January 2009 and they are well on the road to #5 with their two CKC Excellent legs. Hey Corrine - you're putting me & my dogs to shame!!!! LOL. Well done - we're so proud of Milo and so grateful to Corrine for providing Milo with a stimulating environment and life.

Milo (asleep sitting up) after 2 days of trials and travel to/from Belleville, ON

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  1. wow, great work team. Milo sure looks like his nephew Bazsil in that photo - love it.