24 February 2009

Paws up for winter in AZ

Our hu-mom took us to the dog park yesterday and today. She says we have to leave tomorrow to return home to Ontario so wanted us to have lots of exercise before departing 'cause we will be in the van about 9 hr/day. It was hot, even though the temperature was only 71 deg. when we went out this morning. At home, that would just be warm but because it's so sunny with so little wind, it sure feels hot here. Mom is sad that it's going to be hot all week just as we're leaving Arizona because it's cold and still snowy at home in Canada where we live.

We had a really good time at the dog park and no dogs were mean or growly to Tyro. My mom, Nova, and I (Miska) pointed the song birds because there are no game birds at the dog park while Diva chased a ball or was chased by other dogs or began a game of chase and Tyro just hung out and joined in the chase games. It's a good thing there's fresh water here because we needed lots. Yesterday, a boxer kept standing in the water basin and getting it dirty so our hu-mom or someone else's hu-mom or dad would empty and refill it. It would stay clean until the Boxer came back.

After we got home, we relaxed in the garden by the pool, soaking up the rays. Surprisingly, there are very few flies or insects here so Mom can leave the patio doors open.

We Vizslas had lots of fun here in Arizona. Sure beats having to dress up in winter jackets and sweaters to go outside. Of course we do miss running through the woods off leash but we'll get to do that soon when we get home. Our humans have already been searching for another rental property for next year. This afternoon they are going to view a house that sits on an acre of land - just for us. They are so thoughtful, aren't they? We're keeping our paws crossed!

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