6 June 2011

Vizsla piglets?

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  Vizsla whelps (newborns) are kinda cute but also ugly looking. Their faces remind us of piglets.  It's hard to get good pictures of them at this age (4 days old). When you as you pick them up, they constantly move and they can't hold their heads up.  Thanks to my friend Corrine (who is going to be getting one of these critters) for holding the whelps. These were the best of a rather blurry bunch of pictures.

Mr Green, the first born
Mr Black

Mr Blue

Miss Yellow

Miss Red

Mr Green decided mom's neck was a good place to sleep

Mr Light Blue

Lt Blue chilling out


  1. Gotta admit that the labbie whelps I have seen are a tad cuter at this stage. Must be that extra fur they have. However, theses guys/gals are still pretty darn adorable and it will be great to see their journeys as they grow into gorgeous pups.

  2. Dunno how, but I like Mr. Blue. Again.

  3. Too cute - thank you...