28 June 2011

New adventures outdoors

On Monday June 27 (pups were almost 4-weeks old), I set up an ex-pen outdoors for the puppies and they finally had some fresh air. The weather has been less than summery lately so it has been too cold and they've been too young to venture outside until yesterday.

The view from the 2nd storey balconey
Today when they turned 4 weeks of age, out they went again. I decided to mow the lawn and then used the leaf blower while they were enjoying their time in the ex-pen.  All that sound desensitization is proving successful because they slept through most of the noise and when they were awake, they weren't at all bothered by it!  Woo-hoo!!

Big, noisy, scary machine!

Another ear busting machine

After I finishing mowing and blowing, I let the puppies out of the ex-pen, two at a time, to let them explore. Since walking on different surfaces is all part of their socialization development and desensitization process, they were exposed to 4 new surfaces in the last 2 days:
  1. the mat inside the ex-pen; 
  2. concrete paving stones
  3. plastic tarpaulin
  4. grass

Miss Red & Mr Black were the first to be let out to explore in this video

Mr Black almost runs into a boulder
Miss Yellow explores a rock

Mr Black wondering what to do

Another surface to walk on
I was amazed at how confident the puppies were. Each one went off several feet away from me to explore various parts of the garden on their own and together.

Miss Red (front) & Mr Black

Red & Black

I think Miss Red was sampling some grass.

Miss Red deferring to big Uncle Tyro

Miss Yellow boldly marching off somewhere.

Beautiful show pose!

Elephant walk

Looking up to Uncle Tyro

I'm having a blast.


  1. Yeah for brave puppies! I love all the pics but the video won't play for me.

  2. Hmmm, was able to to see the adorable video now. I'm looking at it on my older computer running vista. My windows 7 wouldn't run it? Or perhaps you changed something?

  3. Oops, never mind. I see you uploaded to You Tube this time. I appreciate all your efforts to feed my puppy addiction :o).