29 June 2011

Video difficulties

"Please stand by; we are experiencing technical difficulties.
Do not adjust your set."

If you're old enough, you'll remember black and white TV and the test pattern that would come on. You'll also remember the canned voice-over with the above message to "not adjust your set."

Well, times have changed but the difficulties are still present although in another form. I've been having a lot of difficulty uploading videos for the past few days. Several recent attempts to upload to YouTube have been frustratingly unsuccessful as well as an attempt at uploading to Google's Picassa.  I get messages from YouTube saying an error has occurred (sometimes 30-60 min, into the process - yes, we don't have a fast connection compared to those with DSL & cable). I don't know what the problem is. And I don't know why people can't open the Picassa uploaded video.  If you have a solution or a suggested alternative, please let me know.

PS, we can't get cable TV in our rural area. Our Internet connection is wireless.


  1. I managed to successfully upload 1 video to YouTube that I had problems with but this morning, I encountered problems again. All my programs froze eventually.

  2. Everything managed by Google (Picasa, YouTube) is getting worse somehow lately. I had difficulties with simple photos in Picasa. That's why I started to use Flickr. Faster, better, reliable.For now.