8 July 2012

9 year old Puppy

There's no doubt about it.  Ruby1 (to distinguish her from another Ruby in our 2006 litter) from our 2003 litter which turned turned 9 years old on June 26, still looks and acts like a PUPPY!  Her owner kept saying that but I had trouble believing it until Ruby came to stay with us for a couple of weeks.  I hadn't seen much of Ruby over the years because she initially was sent out to live in British Columbia on the west coast of Canada.  Her owners then moved to Ontario but were busy raising a baby so it wasn't until a couple of years ago that we finally met up and I had a short reunion with Ruby.  However, it wasn't until she came to stay with us that I got a real opportunity to get reacquainted.  Not only is she still very puppy-like, she is a real sweetheart!  And boy, does she ever remind me of her mother, Nova.  Her eyes are like Nova's and she stands like Nova - and she HUMPS BEDS just like Nova did.  More about this behaviour later!  She doesn't have the build of Nova but Ruby certainly reminds me a lot of our beloved Nova.  And her muzzle reminds me more of her dad Sasha and her sister Zsofi.  All in all, she's an extremely pretty, fun-loving, playful and very sweet Varazs-bred Vizsla with a great temperament!

Ruby (L) with her sister Miska


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  1. I love those pics of her with the toys in her mouth hoping that you are gonna play with her!