17 July 2012

Love to chew

We discovered that Ruby (aka Varazs Kiralyi Rubicund) from our 2003 litter who boarded with us for the past 2 weeks LOVES to chew.  She managed to devour about 4 rubber chew toys - fortunately my dogs weren't interested in them - and then started on the soft toys - which my dogs LOVE although they don't chew them, they just carry them around.   Ruby seems to like chew toys, sticks and soft toys and acoording to her owners, she LOVES TO CHEW and destroys toys in no time flat.

I don't know why one dog loves to chew and another doesn't.  Our dogs have destroyed plenty of toys in the past but not recently.  I wonder if it has to do with the fact that right now, my two of my dogs are getting a lot of training in agility and another in rally and so their minds and energy are focused on other activities.  What do you think?

Alligator teeth!

Diva, this is MY stick. Buzz off.

Partially chewed toy by Ruby
Can I chew this one Grandma? "No!!"

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