2 July 2012

Belated Birthday Cake

We had several birthdays squeezed into 4 weeks but last month (June) I was very busy at shows and obedience and rally trials and there wasn't enough time or an opportunity to celebrate our dogs' birthdays.  So today we managed to do it with a walk and a cake.  Enjoying the outing today were birthday Vizslas:
  • Miska, Vadasz & Ruby who turned 9 years old on June 23 oops s/b 26 (they are littermates from our 2003 litter; Ruby is visiting us for 2 weeks so stay turned for more pics of her) 
  • Tyro who turned 6; he's from our 2006 litter
  • Quest and Diva, brother and sister from our 2008 litter who turned 4
  • Bodi from our May 31, 2011 litter who turned one.
Enjoying a cool(er) walk in the woods

Diva pointing something

Humans: "Blah, blah, blah-blah, blah; yadda-yadda."  Dogs: Sniff, sniff, sniff, sniff.
Did someone say Birthday Cake?  [Diva]

"I don't care about cake! I need a nap!" [Quest ]

The yummy birthday cake

Employing great self-control - "How much longer do we have to wait for a piece of cake?"
Enjoying more family fun: Front: (L-R) Tyro & Ruby.  Rear (L-R): Quest, Vadasz & Bodi.


  1. Happy Birthday to all of your Vizslas!! The cake looks very yummy!

    1. Thanks Susan! I even tasted the cake & it was pretty good - not sweet at all because there is no sugar but it was OK. Dogs loved it and that's what mattered!!