5 July 2012

Relatively speaking

I've been fortunate to see or visit with a handful of our puppies over the past couple of months. As a breeder, this always brings me joy since I love to see how our offspring are turning out.  Here are the dogs that have visited lately.

Charlie (formerly Tunder) born May 31, 2011
Charlie with his Uncle Tyro (born June 17, 2006)

L-R: Bodi & Elsie (littermates born May 31/11), Mama Miska, Vadasz and Quest

Ruby born June 26, 2003

Celebrating birthdays!

Sisters Ruby and Miska, 9 years old

3 littermates born June 26, 2003: Ruby, Miska & Vadasz

Littermates Diva & Quest born June 16, 2008

Mama Miska with son Bodi born May 31, 2011

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