29 July 2012

Pointing styles - adult dogs

In the dog world, seeing a Vizsla on point doing what's been bred to do is such a thrill.  There's nothing I can do to train a dog to point,  This comes naturally or innately.  Here are some photos of a number of our adult dogs pointing.  In some of these photos they are pointing game, in others they are honoring another dog on point so the intensity of the tail sometimes indicate whether they are pointing real game or not!

Diva being exposed to game as a young dog

Miska, an experienced hunting dog, on point at game

Nova pointing game

Miska honoring

Honoring the pack leader - Miska

Quest on point

Tasha on pojnt

Tyro pointing and honoring a dog


  1. A three dog honour? Now *that's* impressive!!!

  2. I love seeing all the dogs pointing. There is something beautiful about watching a Vizsla do what it was meant to do. :)