9 August 2012

More new titles!

Varazs-bred dogs have been busy lately. Four of them earned titles recently and I salute and congratulate their owners! (Well, 2 of the dogs happen to be mine but nonetheless. . . )

New Rally Novice Title!

On July 18 Stella (Miska's daughter from our 2011 litter) and her owner Teri Martin completed their CKC Rally Novice title with a High in Class!  Their scores were 96, 95 and 93 / 100!  This is Stella's second title just after turning 1 year of age.  Stella's name is now Varazs Kedvesem Final Dance RN CGN.   This is quite an accomplishment for such a young dog.  Way to go!

Stella and owner Teri


New Rally Excellent Title! 

Shandy (from our 2003 litter and sister to my Miska) and her owner Chrissie Diron earned their final CKC Rally Excellent leg for their title, also with a High in Class! Their scores were 86, 95 and 87. Congratulations!  Unfortunately I don't have a picture of Shandy in this event.  This is Shandy's 11th title.

2 New Agility Titles!

Miska  finished her Novice Agility Standard title (Selected class) with a clean run at the Barrie Kennel and Obedience agility trials on August 4 under brutally hot and humid conditions.  Her daughter, Diva, also finished her Novice Jumpers title with 1 fault and a score of 95.  This was Miska's 24th title and Diva's 8th.

Neither had a clean run in Intermediate jumpers on Saturday.  I felt like I was going to die out there especially since I was very jetlagged, had a bad head cold and had done something to my lower back.  The weather really fried my brain and I messed up badly on Saturday missing obstacles which resulted in NQ's for my dogs in trial 2 (Jumpers).  Great dogs - too bad about the handler!! Sunday was better for everyone although we did get rain but it wasn't as hot.  Miska earned her first Intermediate Standard leg with a clean run and a slightly faster time than her daughter!! Diva earned 2 Intermediate Standard legs with scores of 100 and 95.  Now I can't wait to finish their Intermediate titles!

Thanks to Shelley at Staurolite Photography for these agility photos. 

Diva weaving

Miska in the tire jump

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