3 July 2012

Snake's alive! (Well, not quite.)

It wasn't a live snake but the shed skin of a harmless common garter snake that Bodi managed to sniff out in our garden.  We value these reptiles for their ability to eat small rodents such as mice and so never want them harmed.  We do NOT encourage our dogs to attack snakes because half the time we reside in AZ where there are plenty of venomous rattlesnakes that we want to avoid.

However, Bodi found this 'lovely' snake skin most likely from a female as the females tend to be larger than the males.  Garter snakes give off a foul smelling fluid from their postanal glands when they are handled or harmed.  This snake wasn't harmed or handled in the making of these photos so perhaps there is residue from these glands when they shed their skins because clearly the dogs picked up some kind of scent - particularly Bodi.

Uncle Vadasz to Nephew Bodi - 'You check it out first!  It may bite me!"

Bodi to Uncle Vadasz: "Crikey - what's that? 
Stay back Uncle Vadasz while I check it out!!"
Wow - an entire snake skin!

" Uncle Vadasz, "There's more than one skin here.  Here's another. It's a tail!!" [Bodi]

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