18 August 2009

Diva's awesome adventure

From the paws of our Diva . . .

I went to the cottage of my hu-mom's friend last night and got to visit my great-grandma Bree again. She's 12 years old this month. When I last had my photo taken with her, I was only 6 weeks old and now I'm 14 months old! Here I am with great grandma, Bree.

Great grandma, looking beautiful as ever on her doggie divan

This is me.

I went swimming in Muskoka Lake and showed my hu-mom that I could swim a lot faster than she could. She kept swimming away from me but I didn't want her to go very far so I dog paddled out to save her. She laughed and laughed even though I splashed her a lot.

I also had fun playing with some puppies but they wanted to nurse me for some reason 'xcept my fountains don't work yet.

And I got to meet Simba the cat. Hu-mom said I was a very good dog because I didn't chase Simba. I had an awesome time! Thanks hu-mom for taking me to see great grandma & the puppies and thank you Eileen for letting me stay at your cottage.


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