12 June 2012

High In Trial & first UKC rally titles

Miska with her first High in Trial & score of 100 with judge Deb Beean, Ithaca, MI

Anyone who does obedience or rally-obedience likes to earn a High In Trial which means the dog has earned the highest score of all the dogs entered in a trial.  So I was thrilled that Miska earned not one but TWO HIGH IN TRIALs at the Oxford Dog Sports United Kennel Club rally-obedience trials held this past weekend in Princeton, Ontario.  I expected her to do well since she has several other rally and obedience titles but the venue was outdoors and the weather ranged from cool to damp, to drizzling to pouring rain to hot and steamy.  That means expect the unexpected or perhaps the expected since most Vizslas don't like doing anything in the rain unless it involves hunting and most dogs don't do well in extreme heat which we had on day 2.

Nevertheless, Miska didn't let me down and earned her UKC Rally Level 1 (URO1) title with 2 firsts and 1 second place along with the two High in Trials.  She also earned a qualifying score and second place towards her Level 2 title.  And her half-brother Tyro also earned his UKC Rally Level 1 (URO1) title with second and third placements and a Q towards his Level 2 title and a 4th place.

Miska finishing her URO1 title with a HIT under judge Laurie Soutar

Miska and Tyro, drenched after our rally trial

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