26 July 2011

Vizsla pups attack boy

Vizsla pups attack boy; boy survives

I obviously need to breed Vizslas with better temperaments. These puppies are definitely NO good with children!! Ha, ha!

Thanks to Liza Armstrong who owns Miska's sister, Ruby, for allowing us to visit her son Ethan and her nephews, niece and sister-in-law all visiting from N. Vancouer, BC.  Originally Liza was going to come out to my place but when she told me she'd put her back out and couldn't drive, I thought - hey, it would be great to take the pups into Toronto to a completely new environment.  We were all amazed at the puppies' great bite inhibition. I don't think they nibbled a single toe and no hands!  Since I don't have any young kids or even any grand-kids, I have to 'borrow' children to play with the pups.

Ethan with Mr Green

Liza, wishing she could have another Vizsla!
And for more photos of our horrible puppies mauling more children, please visit this link: http://mosaicworksca.blogspot.com/2011/07/who-could-resist.html


  1. What an adorable set of pictures. It looks like everyone had a great time and a great socializing experience.

  2. Your title belies the true nature of the Vizsla. Great to see such awesome temperaments on your puppies.

  3. What a great experience for the pupppies. The swimming in the lake was fantastic too. They will make great additions to any home.