24 July 2011

Which is Will and which is Bentley?

Two families who are getting boys have come up with their call names:  Bentley and Will(iam).

Yesterday Bentley's owners visited from Calgary, AB yesterday and their son Trevor wanted to know, "Which puppy is Bentley?".  Of course I couldn't tell them which of the 4 males they would be getting yet since we haven't done the evaluation. They thought that Bentley has a nice regal tone to it and I agree. They also have a 10-year old male Vizsla named Jasper who is out of Rex.

And another family from Oshawa, ON who have had 2 dogs from me - Bob and Rita - visited today to see the puppies for the first time.  Rita was a Vizsla I imported from Joy Lyons of Lyons Vizslas in Florida and she is almost 15 yr old! She's going to get quite a surprise when a puppy arrives home in about another week. They narrowed their name search down to William or Will - very nice, especially if they were thinking about Prince William, Duke of Cambridge.   Here they are visiting our puppies.


  1. Thanks again Sylvia and Michael.
    It was a lovely afternoon.
    We are all so excited!

  2. It was great to see you again too. Your daughters are so well behaved around the puppies. :-))) I hope I'll see Rita soon too. Give her a big hug & kiss from me.