29 July 2011

Budding agility competitors

As soon as possible, I expose puppies to a couple of pieces of agility equipment - the teeter totter (or see-saw as some call it) and the tunnel.  The teeter is placed on a four-inch pipe so there is a little up and down movement but initially pups are too light to move it. So I let them run along the board and when they get close to the end, catch it so it doesn't move and then gently lower it to the ground. If they continue to stand or sit on the end of the board, then I manually raise and lower it so they can feel the sensation of movement. It doesn't take them long to start running along the entire board and as they get bigger and heavier, they can make it rise and fall, particularly if there is more than one puppy on the board!

Under rather than over the teeter

Mr Black is a real natural

Team effort

Stopping to snack on a leaf

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  1. Great to see puppies getting exposed to agility because agility ROCKS!