5 July 2011

Random puppy shots outdoors

I brought out a plastic stool that my elderly mother-in-law used when she visited us and placed it in the puppy ex-pen. I figured our Miska-Brick puppies, born May 31, would use it to practice their climbing skills as well as hide-and-seek. It proved to be a popular item!

Miss Yellow likes it

A nice cozy spot for snoozing

How many puppies can squeeze under this thing?

Close up of who has squeezed under the stool to snooze

4 puppies are revealed to have been snoozing under the stool!

More random shots.

Learning to drink from a water bucket

Mr Black finds a good pillow to rest on


Mr Green doing a show pose


  1. Very cute pics! Love your Vizslas.

  2. Awww, looks like the stuffed toy gets honorary puppy pile status with Mr. Black/

  3. Note to self - don't get attached to any pup...all so cute.

  4. They're adorable & so good looking!