14 July 2011

Week 6 - turning point

I'm an angel!

The devil made me do it!

The start of week 6 is bringing lots of changes in the puppies' development. In fact, it's a turning point. They are turning into hellions on paws!!!

They are now climbing big time. Today Black tried to scale the ex-pen. Yesterday Black & Miss Yellow escaped over a barrier when I was trying to feed other pups. This morning I found all 6 puppies on the other side of a baby gate - where they were NOT supposed to be.  How in the heck did they do that?  Blue is mounting other puppies; he climbed into a container where we keep newspapers and was having a go at shredding them. Miss Red tries to take on the big dogs and she athletically scales a barrier that is supposed to keep her and the puppies out of the family room when we're not there.  Green and Turquoise just follow suit, shredding newspaper when they can get it and screaming their heads off when I bring them their meals.  Aaarrrhhhh!  I am so glad Miska didn't have a litter of 10 puppies! I would be insane by now.


  1. Just think of the adventures to come in the next few weeks :o). It's just nature's way of making sure you don't decide to keep all those puppies for yourself.

  2. We laughed out loud!
    Better you then us (for now).

  3. My Sydney from Blazes litter climbed out of a 4 foot high x pen at 7 weeks to get to us but is now so easy going and good - the easiest pup I have ever had.. I am almost afraid I may not be up to another pup..lol. Rex was a handful as was Jewel but settled into wonderful adults so me thinks these pups too will soon start to settle. They are just waking up to their environment..smart pups. I like the screaming part too..lol