15 July 2011

The dog did it!

If you thought that owning a dog was a contact sport and also dangerous to your health, you might have second thoughts about acquiring one of 'man's best friends' - and I am NOT referring to dog bites!  Everyone who trains and competes with their dogs in various dog sports will experience falls, spills, twisted ankles etc. in agility or show ring and in hunt/field tests.  Those don't usually involve actual contact with the dog although it's very possible in agility where things happen so fast that sometimes crashes are inevitable.

Over the years I've sustained a torn meniscus, twisted ankles, a broken toe and lots of scratches (from their nails) as a result of doing something with my dog(s).  Recently, it was a different type of injury. And truthfully, my dog really did do it. He gave me a black eye!  How did it happen?  I was reaching down to pick up a puppy and Tyro, my sweet 5-year-old male Vizsla, was milling around me and just happened to do a hop and skip as I reached down. The result was a bone to bone encounter of the extremely painful kind - at least for me! He got me right by the upper corner of my L eye socket.  Most dog owners would probably think it was Hubs who did it but dog owners wrote me to say something similar or worse (like chipped teeth) had happened to them.  Mine is 'only' a bad bruise and will heal without expense in a couple of weeks.
Day 1, not too bad

Day 2 - getting worse

Day 3 - do I dare appear in public w/o sunglasses?

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