14 July 2011

The nose knows

The puppies have great noses and Miss Red, in particular, seems to have an amazing sense of smell. She found a bit of snake skin that one of our gartners snakes had just shed (I had seen the gartner snake slithering around in the garden with its shed skin still partially on).  Anyway, she immediately snapped it up and was just about to swallow it when I managed to wrestle it from the back of her throat.  She didn't want to give it up! Then another puppy found an entire skin in the wood pile where clearly the snakes were hanging out. Later, Miss Red & Mr Turquoise kept sniffing around a large stone slab on our patio and would not leave the spot. Well, our garter snakes hang out there and clearly the puppies could smell one (or more).  The photo shows what the puppies found.

Snake skins from their molt

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