27 August 2011

Stella (Miss Red) update

Miss Red (born May 31, 2011) who was given the call name, Stella (L. star) now lives in N. Vancouver, BC along with a black labrador named Riley and a couple of cats.  As of this week, she weighs 15.2 pounds, slightly more than 2 of her brothers!!

Her new owner, Teri Martin sent me these photos of Stella, some of which capture Stella's 'feisty' personality.  Stella has been given a pretty pink collar now.  She has started puppy classes at DogWise training school.  Interestingly, Heather Lawson who started DogWise, used to live in Ontario and train her dogs with me at Campaign Dog Academy.  Small world!  I know that Stella will be able to continue being trained with positive methods and shaping thanks to Heather's expertise and credentials.  Thanks Teri for sending me these photos of Stella!  She is really missed here but I know she is in a wonderful home with you!

Stella looking very pretty

Stella with her new buddy, black Lab Riley

Stella and Riley

I'm running as fast as my little legs will carry me.

I can fetch!

If I can't fetch it, I'll try chewing it.

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  1. There's my beautiful Stella :o). We love having her and life is very busy, busy, busy with our wonderful feisty girl.